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I love photography and nothing makes my heart pitter patter faster than seeing a beautiful photo. I think my love of photos was sparked in high school where I took photography all four years and was the teacher’s assistant. All I had was a basic point and shoot and we could only print in black & white, but I loved rolling my own film and printing my own pictures and pretty much everything else about the experience down to the black walls and red lights of the darkroom.
When digital cameras first came around I was thrilled to experience the instant gratification of seeing my pictures without the hassle of waiting weeks to finish my roll of film and get it developed…especially since I no longer had a dark room at my disposal. With the advent of digital cameras people could take more pictures than ever and then came Photoshop and all of a sudden “photographers” seemed to come out of the woodwork. While this digital era has created a new level of beauty in photography I can’t help but feel a little disenchanted with it at times.
Where does true photographic talent come in when every picture you take can be cropped and post-processed to look like something straight out of National Geographic? What happened to truly capturing a raw moment?
This is why I am loving all things polaroid right now. I love the vintage look, I love the raw moments captured, and I love that you can still be instantly gratified :).
I would love to own a Polaroid of my own, but it’s not really in the cards now…especially since film is incredibly difficult to come by…at least until The Impossible Project gets it’s way. So I found a site to make my pictures at least look like polaroids for the time being. Here are some of my creations I made at Rollip. Check it out and make your own!


  1. you guys are such a gorgeous couple! i can’t even get over it. beautiful people.

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