honestly…i’ve not a clue.

This is an Honest Scrap award, and just like Megs before me I haven’t a clue what this is. But, I do know that you’re apparently supposed to list 10 completely honest things about yourself, so here goes:

1. I don’t like nudity. Like…my roommates thought I was going to be a never-nude when I got married. I’m not quite that intense about it, but I just appreciate wearing clothing…. plus I don’t own jean short cut-offs.
2. I hate showering. I try to avoid it until I absolutely have to take one. Usually it’s because Craig tells me my hair is looking rather shiny. When I workout I even have a pink showercap so I can shower without having to wash my hair. Lazy…yes. But, I’m ok with this.
3. I have a not-so-secret girl crush on Zooey Deschanel. I think she’s absolutely brilliant and adorable and everything she touches is magic.
4. I’m too nice sometimes and I’m really bad with confrontation.
5. I’m super emotional and sometimes cry about silly things, but when really (actually) sad things happen I don’t usually cry.
Ummmm…. OK….. I can’t actually think of anything else worth sharing, since I already wrote that post with so many things about me before. If anyone else feels like sharing, feel free to do so cause I’d love to read more about all the lovely ladies who read this blog!


  1. You and I are freakishly similar. I totally have a girl crush on Zooey Deschanel too! Seriously, she’s adorable. I hate showering too. So far I think it’s been 3 days since I last showered, which may sound gross, but I still feel clean, and showering is such a hassle.

  2. i don’t like showering and put it off as long as possible,but right after i’m showered and in my pjs ( i take them at night) wrapped up in a blanket, its the best feeling! nice and clean and warm. also love zooey. Have you seen this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtVh8kVZ_XM I love it 🙂 I have the biggest crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt. He’s a cutie and seems genuinely nice.

  3. hahaha, lauren, i have a PURPLE shower cap i use when i dont want to wash my hair! we are awesome. and your “never-nude” reference- love it. arrested development is the shiiiz. (yeah, i just said shiz, dont even worry about it.)

  4. Maybe you could join Tobias’ never nude club.

  5. haha tobias is my favorite! i loved that you referenced the never-nudes! i am the same way. i even did a post about it called naked haha. and how if i am ever in a car wreck? let me die. don’t cut my clothes off. i hate being naked. also? i hate showering. it’s overrated. i like being clean but would rather be lazy. also, i was just telling sean the other day that sometimes i feel like i don’t cry over the things i should. i cry over the silly things and have a hard time crying over the really sad things.

  6. okay i added one! haha! sorry about that! i didn’t even know you could do that! haha thanks!

  7. so weird – we are super similar. I hate showering, am in love with Zooey and have that strange crying thing happen to me, too. when really sad things happen, i feel like people don’t think i care b/c i dont’ cry. i can’t even squeeze one out! so fun to learn more about the fellow bloggers out there!

  8. great list:) im the same with the crying thing.. well sort of.. if something stupid happens i will cry like a baby. but if something so seriously sad happens i usually dont cry. so so wierd!

  9. yay for not being the only one who doesn’t shower regularly. ha! i totally just thought of that chris farley snl skit….. “so what if i don’t ‘shower regularly’…. or maybe i’m not what you’d call ‘hygenic’…. so what if i ‘pick my zits with a compass’. ok. that will sound really stupid if you’ve never seen that. and i don’t actually pick my zits with a compass. actually…i don’t even own a compass. but still………

    p.s. i loved the video sam!

  10. i just stumbled across your blog & have been reading EVERY entry – i’m so hooked. 🙂 you and i are ..oddly similar. haha. i was like.. “she’s.. in my brain!!”


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