f-u blogger.

I wrote a post that took an hour.  I saved it and everything.  Then….blogger decided to malfunction.  THUS….no Tuesday post because I’m just too pissed off to write it again.  Maybe later once I’m done being frustrated.

F-U blogger!


  1. Aww, I’m sorry. I hate when things like that happen!! I’ll stay tuned for your done-being-frustrated post 😉

    ♥ Erika

  2. awww that sucks! i hate when blogger is being douchebaggy! i hope your post reappears 🙂

  3. I spent 2 hours battleting with blogger yesterday night! went absolutely crazy and super annoyed!! yikes!! I feel you!

  4. Oh no! And it didn’t go to your drafts? Mine saves a copy every few seconds.

  5. dontcha hate it when that happens? it’s done it to me quite a few times too…gah.

  6. blogger has been messing with me to!

  7. technology CAN be so frustrating!

  8. stupid, sorry, good-for-nothing, piece of crap blogger!

    for some reason i wasn’t able to leave comments on certain blogs yesterday, and a few weeks ago i was in the process of doing a post (all typing and html had been done, i was just arranging the pics) and everything disappeared. nothing worked to get it back. i was so mad i wanted to break something!

    i hope you get your post done because now i’m curious!

    i hope you have a good day, pretty lady! xo!

  9. stupid, sorry, good-for-nothing, piece of crap blogger! i just typed out a comment and it deleted it!

    a few weeks ago i was doing a post and had all the typing done and pictures added, i was just working on rearranging them, and all of a sudden everything disappeared. i was so mad i swear there was steam coming out of my ears!

    well, i hope you get to do the post you originally intended, and i hope you have a good day, pretty lady!

  10. It’s happened to me… and it sucks. Sorry

  11. Sad! I hate when that happens!

    Look at it this way – I once lost a 10 page paper that I’d spent HOURS writing for a class. Then I sat and cried because I just could not believe what happened.

    Boo technology.

  12. oh that stinks!
    sorry love!

    xo. thanks

  13. Yuck. Sorry blogger sucks. Have you ever tried writing your blogs with Windows Live Writer? Works like a charm. <3

  14. oh bummer i am sooo sorry! i hate when that happens! i hope your tuesday gets better!! (p.s. we are crate training moses…so far so good..just trying to get him to learn to obey and not chew on everything that he isn’t supposed to! :))

  15. You POOR thing! I hate it when that happens!! 🙂 Oh well, right? I hope your Tuesday gets better!

  16. I hate when that happens!

  17. aw, i feel your pain. blogger’s had some issues lately! sending you some hugs. xo!

  18. oh what a bummer!!! totally sucks when blogger acts up! 🙁 so sorry!

  19. I second that. This has happened to me too and my gmail is acting up. F U GOOGLE!

  20. I totally had issues with blogger yesterday too! Apparently blogger was being an all around jerk. I’m sorry you lost your post. That’s a bummer. Maybe all of your comments will help you feel better 🙂

  21. Aww, that’s too bad! I’m sorry 🙁

  22. Blogger fail hugs
    Uber sad face

  23. Oh man, that sucks balls! Tha same happened to me a while ago and I was the same, couldn’t be bothered to try and remember everything I’d written.

    See, if we had typewriters this wouldn’t be a problem!!

  24. Ah, boo! Yesterday Blogger was being a pain for me as far as commenting went, so I guess it’s just not Blogger’s week.

  25. Ohh geez that is the worst! F-you blogger! 😉 Found you on diary of a lovely….following now 🙂


  26. Ugh so sorry! On another note, Chris has a “Mr. Grumpy” shirt, and I have a “Little Miss Trouble” shirt. We knew we were soulmates when we saw each other wear them 🙂

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