california blog friends trip: part 2.

This weekend at the G-Wagen meet up was SO much fun!  I want to blog all about it, but I wanted to finish up blogging about my California trip first, so I’m going to do that first.  So here goes…..

After our first night together Brandi, Kassi, Danielle and I were like old friends.
Day 1 pretty much involved drinking and eating.
Days 2 and 3 went something like this……

Woke up and hung out with Kassi’s adorable children.
This is Tayli – SO CUTE!

Here’s Tyler doing dishes.  
What a great kid!

Then we went on a walk around Kassi’s neighborhood.
I loved this view.

And the giant succulents (like…bigger than my head!)

After that we packed a lunch and headed to the beach.
Ty was ready to go!

Tannyn…not so much….

Once the ocean was in sight she was happy though :).

Here’s my cocktail of sun protectants.
SPF lip balm, moisturizer AND sport sunblock
and STILL my fair Oregon skin managed to burn.

This is pre-burn.
My skin is practically glowing…
especially next to Kassi’s.

Fun in the sun!

Here’s after I got a bit too much sun.
At least I’m not (as) pasty anymore.

Later we went out to dinner 
and then came back to hang out around the fire pit.
Kassi’s fire pit is so cool!  
It’s the inside of an old washing machine.
Genius no?

I also introduced everyone to s’muches.
 s’mores with Reese’s PB cups in lieu of plain chocolate
as invented and named by my friend Casey.
They were a hit :).

The next day we did a bit of shopping.
I got these new TOMS that I’ve worn non-stop.

We also got to check out 
which Brandi’s friend Danielle is a partner in.
So many cute things!

The cute double finger rings that
Kassi and Danielle got.

After shopping we went to a nearby fair.
We (AKA: Brandi’s friend Danielle)
were in search of a crawfish boil.
My first time and they were pretty good.

And here are some other fair photos…


Are you experiencing photo/text overload?

The rest of the weekend we mostly just hung around and ate and drank some more and enjoyed each other’s company.  I gained 3 lbs hanging out with these girls!  ….But it was well worth it :).  I can’t wait until our next blog friend gathering :).

My Sunday in California was spent hanging out with my lovely friend Claire and her hubby AND going to the Rose Bowl flea market, so more photos on that tomorrow!
Happy Monday friends!



  1. Oh my gosh what a great time! It sounds like you all had so much fun and took some pretty darn great pictures =-)

  2. Once again … looks like so much fun!!

    And, if you have problems with burning, may I suggest my solution: Neutrogena SPF 100+ sport sunscreen (it comes in a spray, which I love, and a facial cream, which is actually greasier than the spray IMO.). I used that stuff in Grand Cayman and Jamaica, and let me tell you, my lily white redheaded skin didn’t burn at all!
    (If you don’t want QUITE that much spf … I also love love love Aveeno Baby sunscreen, spf 55. It feels like lotion!)

  3. It looks like such a fun trip! Now, I want to meet up with some blog friends.

  4. Sounds like SO much fun!!! I think it’s great that blog friends are meeting up, so cool.

  5. aww Lauren! it looks like you had soo much fun! i am so happy you got to all meet up! it looks like you girls had a blast! sorry i have been such a horrible blogger lately..i seriously have hardly read/commented on anyones at all lately! but i love all of these pictures! and i am so happy you got some toms! i got some too this weekend! they are so fun! hope you have a lovely day lady! thanks for your text yesterday! it made my day!

  6. So awesome!!! Love it! & her kids are gorgeous!!

  7. perfect amount of pics and text. love hearing about your travels and friends.

  8. looks like so much fun! and the pictures are just gorgeous!

  9. I enjoyed reading the whole thing.
    And can’t wait for one day to meet some of my incredible blog friends in real life.
    No duh that blog friends are real friends.
    And usually even more real than those who live in our own state.


  10. i loved looking at your pictures (except the one where i was eating the blow pop)! can you believe it’s been a week ago? in one sense it seems like just yesterday, then again it kind of seems like ages ago. i can’t wait until we do it again! i love you guys so much and i had so much fun!

    oh, and that picture of tannyn is the best. ever.

    i need to finish posting the pictures on my blog. i don’t know why i’ve gotten so lazy about it lately!

  11. fun fun fun!!
    i finally posted my pics today too… 🙂

    xo. thanks.
    xo. thanks.

  12. Looks like you had a terrific time in California! 🙂 Missing it a lot. 🙂 Now even more. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  13. how fun! that ferris wheel photo is brilliant!!! and taken on an iphone?!

  14. You all are so cute. And I love your pictures!
    Those succulents are amazing, I’m jealous! And it definitely wasn’t too many pictures…just enough. Can’t wait to see your other pics!

  15. the beach sounds so lovely right now!!! im soooo jealous!

  16. What a beautiful trip and wonderful pictures 🙂 looks like it was SO much fun!

  17. SO much fun!!!

  18. aw it looks like you had so much fun! Kassi’s kids are SO cute! You need to come back to California soon 🙂

  19. Sounds like a great trip! Love the rings.

  20. Wow, this looks like such a fun trip!

    On a sidenote, that picture of the giant succulent is fantastic!

  21. lauren first off! thank you for not getting my cleavage! i love you! these pics are so fun and they bring back tons of happiness! i need to blog about that weejend more too:) im actually sitting next to9 kass now and we miss you!
    cant wait to see your pics from rosebowl

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