this alone will make pregnancy worth it.

Forever 21 has a maternity line!

{tres chic, no?}

My husband is cheap and thinks that maternity clothes are a waste of money since you only get to wear them for 9 months….or really more like 5 or 6 months.  Luckily F21 now has a maternity line, which = cheap cute clothes that are perfect for only wearing for a few months.  

Frumpy future pregnancy crisis averted.  

This alone will make the months of morning sickness and other unspeakably gross things that go along with pregnancy worth it….one day :).



  1. I had to wear ugly old lady clothes when I was pregnant a 100 years ago. Where was this when I needed it???

  2. WOW! Really??? I had NO IDEA! Soo good to know – for the future that is!! Thanks for sharing that, and can’t wait to see how cute look in their clothes!! =)

  3. Oh yes please!!!! 🙂 These look so cute and perfect…one day I can wear all of that. 😉

  4. i saw that the other day!
    and was really excited. 🙂

  5. i read about this in the paper! there’s this huge controversy that it will promote teen pregnancy (or at least pregnancy in those under 21), especially because the line is (for now) only being released in a few select states (like texas and arizona and some other states in that area) which already have the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country, so critics claim they’re encouraging the trend.

    i’m not sure what i make of all of that, but the clothes are definitely cute!

  6. i imagine they’ll have some of the cutest maternity clothes around! i remember back in the 80’s and 90’s when maternity clothes were basically just sacks and made women look terrible…too bad they didn’t have forever 21 back then!

    chris is the same way, he doesn’t understand why you can’t wear regular clothes rather than buying all new ones. uh, our bodies will change…A LOT!

    love you!

  7. I will definitely be buying clothes from their line what that time comes! Really cute! And you’re right, it’s almost like a temporary wardrobe. No need to stock up and spend hundreds of dollars!

  8. How cute! I love it!

  9. i’m awkwardly excited about this considering that my boyfriend and i are (a) not married yet and i am (b) certainly not pregnant. perhaps my inner type A planner is just thrilled to know i can check one more worry off the list? 🙂

  10. Good to know. I’m sending this to my newly pregnant friend right now!

  11. I am 4 months pregnant and just started growing out of my regular skinny jeans, ALL from Forever 21. I was so sad because I didn’t want to give up my favorite store and my skinny jeans to buy those ugly, frumpy, pregnancy jeans and spend a ton of money on clothes i wouldn’t wear for long! Haha. But then my friend told me about Forever 21’s new line last week! I literally just ordered a pair of maternity skinny jeans from there 🙂 Glad to hear someone else is as excited about this as I was.

  12. Okay yep… these would be fantastic.

  13. oh I saw that a few months ago on the site and its all really cute!

  14. i saw this!! so exciting for my pregnant friends!!

  15. YES!!! {biggest most loudest capitalization ever to express my joy}

  16. Very cute clothes! Where were all of these cute clothes when I was carrying you my lovelY child for nearly 9 months? SO,when are we going shopping? I would love to go on this shopping trip with you, and yes I would be the buyer of such lovely attire.:)

  17. wow I didn’t know this! All the clothes are so cute and definitely affordable maternity clothes is a plus when you outgrow everything so quickly!! One day .. 🙂

  18. when i saw they were getting this maternity line, i was actually excited to dress a baby bump! yay!

  19. i know! i’m really excited about this! i just recently heard about it so it’s not worth it to buy anything for this pregnancy (only have about a month left), but for the next one…I know where to go to buy my clothes!

  20. I’m so glad you posted this! 🙂 I am definitely excited..not only because I work at F21 😛 but because they’re stuff is of course, adorable!
    I have to add a small 2cents to the mix and say that I think it’s sad that the controversy about the line is accusing F21 for trying to promote teen pregnancy.
    As an employee I know the company has a long term goal of being able to dress the entire family with affordable fashion forward clothing and maternity is just another line adding to men’s, women’s, tweens, and baby’s.
    The future is looking fashionable right? 😛

  21. I remember when maternity clothes were synonymous with frumpy. Glad to know that if and when I get preggers, I can buy cute (cheap!) clothes.

  22. ohhh wow, love this and makes me wish that I was prego! 🙂

  23. omgoshh!! i know where to go when my time comes 😛
    thanks for sharing 😀

  24. I love forever 21, they have everything.

  25. yesss, that makes me way more excited to be pregnant, haha!

  26. yeah it just figures they start a maternity line 2 months AFTER I give birth! so unfair!

  27. When i was pregnant I had to wear ugly clothes, they have so many new stores for pregnant women now a days:) I dont care if you only wear them for 9 months you still wanna look cute as your belly grow:)

  28. Wow! that stuff is CUTE! Why do I always find maternity clothes that I like better than regular people clothes?! I’m destined me to be like that lady on TLC with like 20 kids..

  29. That’s awesome!!!! Good to know for FUTURE reference 😉

  30. This is so exciting, I defs agree – cheap but cute and stylish maternity clothes will be much needed one day down the line….way down the line 🙂

  31. Now I want a baby belly just wear some of that awesome stuff, does my beer belly count? lol! Post pictures of what you buy! Fashion show!

  32. Girl, do NOT tempt me…

    Seriously. This is amazing news.

  33. The H&M coming to downtown this fall is going to be a huge flagship store with every section possible…including maternity! I guess I got prego about two years too early 🙁 I also heard there is an H&M going into Clackamas (not sure if maternity will be there or not)

    There is absolutely no point in spending a buttload on maternity clothes because by the time you can wear them again, they will most likely be out of style! (although they do get worn ALOT so hopefully they will be somewhat substantial)

  34. Forever 21 is so successful, it was smart of them to create this line for moms-to-be! I would definitely shop there if I was expecting. They have cute clothes if you’re pregnant or not, and they are so inexpensive you can’t go wrong. Frumpy crisis averted…soooo true!

  35. I wore the UGLIEST tents when I was pregnant with my 13 year old. Pregnant with twins, 5 years later, I was styling. Now, this stuff is really cute. Too bad, that door is definitely closed!

  36. I love their stuff. Can’t wait to see what you get

  37. Ahhh, I thought you were preggers for a second! 😉
    I can’t believe they have pregnant line-that’s fantastic and will be great for me (one day too) ha.

  38. I love forever21. I was just on their website. Not gonna lie, I sometimes wear the maternity clothes just because the lady friends fit comfortably. lol

    Praying for you!

  39. That’s actually REALLY awesome!

  40. when my mom told me this i thought it was weird at first, but that is because my mind went to high school when forever 21 was everyone’s favorite store. then i realized that 5-8 years have gone by and i still love forever 21 and i am the age that people are having babies. then i just felt old. but i will definitely love this when i have a baby!

  41. i often see cute maternity clothes at target. i am not pregnant. the only reason i notice is because i’ll often walk by and think- “heeey, that’s cute!” and then i’ll notice it’s maternity. good post, i will re-tweet it and link it on the nanny space blog:

  42. cheap and cute! sounds ideal! I am almost 8 months along, so can use a little fashion pick-me-up!

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