things i like and a winner.

Today before I share some things that I like I wanted to announce the winner of the CoCo Designs E-Design Giveaway….
The winner is….

E-mail me your information so you can get your prize!

And now…
Here are some things I like….
This iPhone alarm clock dock by Jonas Damon.  Modern, chic, way more attractive than the plain white ugly plug-in I’m using now…AND it’s only $40.

This modern bird house by Nathan Danials.
Even those of the avian persuasion can appreciate good design.

This lunch bag by Artifact Totes as it might get Craig to actually USE a lunch bag.
This laundry cart at Old Faithful Shop.  I never knew I needed a laundry cart, but I totally do and it has to be this one.  How cool would this look in a laundry room?  Who knows…it might even make me want to do laundry!
Apparently I’m feeling very streamlined in my aesthetic today.

That is all.
Hope you have a lovely day!



  1. LOVE that jug! so cute!

    might have to make that one mine! 🙂

  2. That lunch bag is awesome!

  3. I love that clock!

  4. love that bird house! and love all of your pictures from your canada trip. everything looks so picture perfect including your growing belly:)

    xo monica

  5. Andy is WAY into waxed canvas and I bought him that lunch bag already for his birthday or chirstmas (both in Dec, not sure for which yet!)

  6. Oh I’d take that chalkboard jug!

  7. That lunch bag and the laundry cart are my faves!


  8. Jeremy would love that lunch bag, too.

  9. i love that lunch bag!!

  10. Hi Lauren,

    I’ve been following your blog for a while. I think I stumbled upon it last year sometime. I love reading all your style blogs, the things that you’re in love with, the little things you do …etc.

    Thanks so much for a lovely, happy, uplifting and real person blog.
    Else (from South Africa)

    P.S. good luck with the pregnancy.

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