a bit of holiday styling and a 33 weeks pregnant photo.

Yesterday I styled a set for family photo shoots…. 
at The Ace Hotel.  The photos were taken by the lovely Lisa Warninger.

BUT….these ones were from my iPhone.  Not nearly as good, but the set turned out so cute I just couldn’t resist :).  The goal was a Northwest themed set….something a little edgier than the usual family photo shoot, but still classic and good for holiday photos.  I think the goal was achieved.

And…since I did have a talented photographer and a set at my disposal, I wrangled Lisa  into taking a couple of photos of me to document week 33 of my pregnancy.

My belly is getting to be enormous!!
If you want to read a bit about what life is like for me at 33 weeks pregnant, go check out my post on Babble!
Happy Wednesday!



  1. Wow, 33 weeks! Went by fast………you’re almost done!!

  2. Lauren – having trouble with your link to Babble 🙁

  3. I LOVE your tights, and of course your beautiful belly =-)

  4. I didn’t even realize you were already 33 weeks!!! Wow, you look adorable!

  5. Cutie!!!

  6. I’m just so giddy for you… 🙂

  7. You look so fabulous! I wish I had been that stylish while pregnant. 🙂 I really hope to see you at Sunday’s Blogger’s Meet Up- I know it is harder to get around while pregnant… but, I do have a couple of baby items for you!

  8. The outfit is beyond adorable!! I dont care how much your belly is growing you can pull off super cute outfits..

  9. Looking good! Lisa’s dog is so adorable too.

  10. sweet pics! you are such a cute prego. i want in on another photo shoot like this! yesterday was too crazy of a day to jump on it (ie. graham left for a 2 week trip to asia today). miss seeing you two but love that i can keep up via tltwd 🙂 love mandi

  11. Love your outfit! And you look great!! :] I love the shoot setup!

  12. you’re looking great! and love the photo set. very cute.

  13. Wow, Lauren – you look great! I love the baby bump: – you make pregnancy look oh so chic 😉 xx

  14. You look gorgeous!

  15. I think your iPhone did a great job!!!

    Oh the things we do for these wee ones in our bellies. I think you are very stylish at this stage of the game. (i never looked as good as you)


  16. I would LOVE to have family photos in that set! it looks fabulous! if you want me to send you a picture of me at 33 weeks to make you feel better I WILL. We’re talking Summer-swollen-and huge. Hang in there!

  17. You look amazing!!

  18. Oh my goodness, you look so beautiful! You seriously amaze me with your pregnancy style, it’s better than my normal stlye! I just read back like a million posts on your blog to get caught up. Fern, such a cute name!

  19. eek! you look so cute, lauren! it almost makes me want to get pregnant.. almost 🙂

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