more baby shower photos and a giveaway!

Before I commence with the shower photos I must recommend that you go enter the giveaway I’m hosting over at Babble…EVEN IF YOU AREN’T PREGNANT!

It’s for a baby mobile, but it’s seriously the coolest mobile ever and it would look awesome as home decor…babies or not.  I got one for Fern’s nursery and I totally plan on displaying it long after she outgrows the need for it :).  So go enter!

Yesterday, I posted shower photos yesterday at Babble

but edited them down, because I know the general person wouldn’t be super interested in quite so many baby shower details, but I thought that some of my faithful readers over here would appreciate a few more photos.  Plus, I wanted to document them just to have all in one place to look back on :).

Pom-Pom bouquets as guest favors.

Pretty straws and napkins.

The party was at Becca’s house.  It’s so pretty and she did such a great job of making it perfect for me and little Fern.  She even brought out the cozy green chair from her little boy Bennet’s room so I could have the best seat in the house.

Finger knit garlands + pinecones.

Everyone guessed Fern’s birthday.  My guess is she’ll be a little late, but we’ll see….

Yummy brunch food: french toast, blueberry muffins, scones, egg casserole and so much more….

Homemade gingerale made by Becca’s helpful and awesome husband Chris.

Homemade hot cocoa bar with all the fixings: caramels, truffles, peppermint sticks, Andes mints and whipped cream.

Kira, Baby Pearl and Ashley.

Presents for Fern.

She’s already spoiled!

Opening presents with friends.

Everyone finger knitted you garlands for Fern’s nursery.


Baby blanket knit by my lovely friend Jamie.

My lovely work friends finger knitting in the background.

I can’t wait to read this book to Fern.  “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” always reminds me of Craig and his insatiable appetite!

A present to help prep me for delivery courtesy of my beautiful friend Echo – she’s a super knowledgeable doula.

My, how big she’s getting!

This is Fern’s Auntie Lisa.

All of my favorite people who threw this fabulous party!
James, Ash, Lindsey & Becca.

My friends are the greatest.



  1. Wow! They decorated your shower quite lovely! I really like the yarn F’s that they made — that was an especially great touch.

  2. awww you look gorgeous… Congrats.

  3. Seriously, that is my kind of shower! I love that there is hardly any pink to be seen, and BRUNCH food! Mmmm.

  4. they did such a great job! love the finger knit garland out front. i may have to steal that idea for a graduation party we’re having next month.

  5. Wow looks amazing!

  6. Looks like a great time. And I love the name you chose.

  7. That is such a cute baby shower! Some baby showers turn out to be over the top, but this was so classy and very obviously done out of love. Your friends did a fantastic job. And your little girl’s name is beautiful!

    Btw, now I am intrigued by finger-knit garlands!

  8. SO so fun!! i bet its becoming more real now 🙂

  9. SO cute and not cheesy. Love it.

  10. 1. I’m really impressed you can still get tights on.

    2. Your friends must know a lot less people who have babies. Because that is probably the most awesome baby shower I have ever seen. No way they’d put that much effort into it if they knew 10 other people who are due at the same time. Lucky, lucky you. 🙂

  11. I LOVE the hot chocolate bar- what a cool idea!!

    Like the yellow and gray color scheme too- pretty!

  12. the shower is beyond fabulous and so are you! so glad you love the mobile! xo

  13. I think my sweater was the only pink in the place. Apparently I did not get the memo.

    It was seriously an awesome shower, the planners did an amazing job.

  14. I love these pictures!! :] What a fun day! I can’t wait to see sweet Baby Fern! And her nursery is going to be so adorable!

  15. OH, that name is DARLING! it seems so fitting. and bravo to your friends for putting on such an eye-candy piece of a shower.

  16. I LOVE the name. It’s so unique and cute.

  17. i love the decorations! beautiful.

  18. Your friends are so organized and so creative. Looks like you had a great time at your shower.

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