can i have a house full of little girls please?

Remember when I thought all I wanted 
in the world was a little boy?
Well, I would still be completely thrilled if we had a little boy, 
but how fun would a house full of sisters be?

Well, after discovering the blog Cakies I am convinced that a house full of girls 
would be the most fun ever.  Think of the dress-up potential?!
{photo by: Abraham Park}
I’m sure that this isn’t a new blog to many of you.  I actually have no idea how I’d never stumbled across it before, but I’m so glad I did.  Rubyellen blogs about life with her husband Ben and their four little ladies:  True, Brave, Soul and Glow.  And basically they are the cutest little family ever.
I definitely spent far too long perusing the archives ogling the entire family’s cute outfits, Rubyellen’s adorable DIYs and being encouraged by her posts about faith and the honest portrayal of motherhood (both the joys AND challenges!).
If you head on over to Cakies you will not be disappointed.  
I promise it’s not another one of those sickeningly sweet mommy blogs, where you think, “How can they possibly be that perfect?  Man!  I could never be that awesome.”  This family, while adorable and super cute, isn’t annoyingly so.  They seem like real, likable people.  True story.
Any of you mama’s out there….
What are your favorite mommy blogs?
I’m new to the scene, so I’m not well-versed.
P.S.  If you’re looking for suggestions, you should check out Babble’s Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2011!


  1. this is my real life friend’s blog. The mom is a teacher and she has twin two year old girls and a four year old boy. She is amazing…

  2. I love and The first one is a Mormon but she has the cutest son and just the best humor and writing style. The second one is a Christian (she can be a little perfect-y) but she is learning a lot from her first child so it makes it nice to follow along. 🙂

  3. Those girls are adorable!

  4. i am about to check out that blog. my fave “mommy blogger” blog is a good life. i think it’s just she is hilarious and parker is adorable. i also read irocksowhat and…hmm. can’t think of others. i will, though. i’m sure. anyway, happy baby blog hopping!

  5. Yeah!!!! GIRLS! I would love that too!


  6. I was the oldest of seven girls… my Mother was #2 of six girls… my baby sister just had her fourth daughter. I think girls are great!!! (I do believe that boys can be fun too… I had two boys and two girls.)

    I love having six sisters!


  7. I love new blogs, heading over!

  8. adorable blog! i am finally (well almost) done with school and looking forward to filling in some blanks! hope all is going well, lauren.

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