life lessons for fern: #2.

Dear Fern,
This weekend you tried out your first swimsuit which made me think of a very important life lesson that I would like to bestow to you – this one actually has multiple parts.
Life Lesson #2:  

The 3 Tenants of Swimsuit Shopping:

1. Buy a swimsuit for your body type.
There will be many times when you want to try out new fashion trends, but save them for school, NOT the swimming pool.  Figure out what is most comfortable and what works for you fit wise and then go with it and find the cutest version of that suit.  Case in point: when we were shopping for this swimsuit, I actually liked a bright orangey-red, ruffled suit a bit better, but once it was on you the big ruffles overwhelmed your long and lean little body – this suit was much cuter on you.

2. Don’t buy a cheap swimsuit.

When I was in 4th grade, my class had swimming lessons at the local high school. I dreaded it for weeks, because I was a chubby kid.  Thank goodness your grandparents sprang for a more expensive suit in the grown-up section rather than make me cram into a cheaper kids version.  Spend the money on a more expensive, classic swimsuit that you can wear for more than one summer – if it’s good quality it will last.  Also (and this is crucial), NEVER and I repeat NEVER buy a cheap white swimsuit.  Emerging from the pool in a see-through swimsuit is not a good look for anyone.

3. Never go swimsuit shopping when you’re PMS’ing.

You’re going to feel bloated and every suit you try on – no matter how great you may look to everyone else – will make you feel fat.  Save yourself the heartache and eat some chocolate instead.
*And bonus tip:
Confidence will make anything look 10 x better on you.

You are beautiful, so own it baby!


  1. Great tips! And oh, she is so precious. 🙂

  2. Hahaha! This is GREAT advice for everyone. Fern is so cute in her little suit!


  3. This is so cute haha

  4. Aw, Fern looks so cute in her new bathing suit. Great advice for her!

  5. This was such a great post!!!!! Loved it. And these tips are amazingly great. I remember dreading my 5th grade swim trip. HA!

  6. Great post and even better advice. Happy 1st Mothers Day.

  7. Oh my gosh, so adorable. Also, the “confident” picture? Dying. So cute.

  8. Oh my gosh Lauren, she looks DARLING.

    And great advice, of course.

  9. Haha, great advice!

  10. What a cute post!

  11. What a cute post!

  12. Your site is adorable! Great post.

  13. love this! so sweet

  14. haha funny! Fern is so cute!

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