my little baby elephant.

…In case you didn’t see my post over at Babble…
This is what Fern is going to be for Halloween today.
<< I know you're's pink! GASP!! >>
The belly is padded and squishy and adorable and I can hardly stand the cuteness!
This will be Fern’s first Halloween, so it’s probably time that she realizes that Halloween in Oregon kinda sucks. It’s almost always raining (even though it doesn’t really rain here as often as people make it seem, for some reason it never fails to rain on Halloween and during The Rose Parade).
I remember my first Halloween after we moved here from California. I was 6 and couldn’t wait to be a ballerina. I donned by pale pink leotard and pink tutu along with my pink ballet slippers early that morning and eagerly awaited the trick-or-treating hour when I would be able to fully promenade my costume in its full glory. But alas, the time came and it was raining cats and dogs, so the ballet slippers had to be switched out for rain boots (actually, probably just tennis shoes, since as a California transplant I probably didn’t even own rain boots yet) and a big, ugly coat covered up my delicate pink costume and instead of walking from house to house we drove around in my aunt’s minivan, stopping at each house and jumping out of the van and racing to the door of the house and then back in the van. By the end of the night we were soaked to our unders, which didn’t take a lot since I was wearing little else on top of mine besides that stupid coat.
Not surprisingly there is rain forecasted for tonight. Fern will still get to be an elephant and hopefully we’ll be able to sneak out for a bit, but in future years, she should probably get used to more rain proof (i.e. less cute) costumes. Your Halloween future probably includes costumes like a fisherman (complete with rainproof pants), a ghost (using a white shower curtain instead of a sheet perhaps?), or maybe Mary Poppins if you’re lucky since she comes with an umbrella. Sorry you were born in the wrong place. Maybe we’ll just have to start a Halloween Party tradition instead of the usual trick or treating… then you can wear whatever you want and stay inside warm and dry :).
Happy Halloween Bloggies!

and Elephant Fern!


  1. Oh my goodness how adorable!

  2. She is SO CUTE. Happy Halloween!

  3. AH! That’s the same costume we got for our daughter too! SO CUTE!

  4. aw cutie!!! happy halloween:)

  5. Little Miss Fern is adorable!!!

    May you have a ‘spooktacular’ day!


  6. Fern is adorable! and you just described my Halloween childhood as well. Every costume was designed to incorporate long underwear, or a rain jacket, or both.

  7. SO SO CUUUTE!!! There was a family that did drive around in a minivan last year. It was hilarious because we are in SoCal and there was no rain!

    xx Vivian @

  8. Oh my gosh! I so needed this today! Too cute! Happy Halloween to you and your little one. 🙂

  9. CUTEST costume EVER!!! this made my day when i saw it on instagram 🙂 i, of course, waited until the last minute (sent my husband yesterday) and the only thing left was an angel costume. A bit boring for a first halloween (even if she’s only 6 weeks, but still!) but alas 🙂 how can you complain about an ANGEL costume?! LOL

    it was always cold where i lived growing up so the coats always covered our halloween costumes. 😛

    happy first halloween to the cutest elephant ever xo

  10. she is SOOO CUTEE!!!

  11. oh us poor little soaked Oregonians. Sad but true:-) All that rain and grey and gloom can’t stop Fern from shining though! She is a.dorable. xoxo

  12. Ok. I’m DYING of the cuteness. Fern is a total doll.


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