best giveaway yet.

I’ve hosted quite a few giveaways on this blog…
…But, I’m pretty sure this one is for sure the best one yet.

This week I’ll be giving away one of these bad boys:
a Mamas & Papas Go Eat Highchair

If you have a child, are expecting a child or even if you just have a friend who will be having a child soon you should definitely enter this giveaway.
Fern has this highchair and we love it! The design is simple and modern and fits in well with our home decor – I like that it doesn’t stick out obnoxiously like some of our other baby gear (i.e. our rainbow colored exersaucer). I also love that it’s streamlined and it easily folds up to make it practical for small spaces. BUT…the best part is the easy to wipe down leatherette – babies make lots of messes, so having an easy to clean highchair is essential, but I wasn’t a fan of the hard plastic options, so this is perfect – comfortable AND easy to clean.
SO…if you want to enter to win this chair, 
here’s what to do:
First of all you must be a follower of this blog and then head over to the Mamas & Papas website and check out the goods (they have a ton of other cool gear – more than just high chairs!) and leave a comment letting me know what your favorite Mamas & Papas product is and why you’d like to win the highchair.
For extra entries: (leave a separate comment for each)
*Follow Mamas & Papas on Facebook and/or Twitter 
*Pin the giveaway on Pinterest (make sure to tag me: @Lauren Hartmann), Tweet it (tag me @Laurenslodown) or Facebook it.
*Blog about this giveaway.
Make sure to include links in each of your comments and I’ll announce a winner next Monday, November 12th – so make sure to enter and spread the word!
*Giveaway is only open to U.S. residents, due to shipping costs – sorry!*



  1. I love the Tour stroller in purple! It looks easy to use, lightweight, but the stripes are wayyy to cute!

    I would love this high chair for my messy little one because it looks so easy to clean! not to mention stylish!

  2. I jumped over to the website and had a hard time picking a favorite. I was impressed with their plush toys and babyplay interactive toys.

    I would love to win the highchair because we are currently using a soft rubber movable chair at meal time. I swear our daughter grows arms when eating and turns into a puree covered octopus. It’s cute, but we would be so grateful to receive a high chair to aid in eating time.

  3. I am a @mamasandpapas twitter follower at @natalierae83 🙂

  4. i LOVE mamas & papas. i have to say, i’ve been drooling over their strollers ever since we lived in new york and would always find ourselves in the baby section of the FAO Schwarz toy store in the city. they don’t quite fit in our budget, but i love them none the less!

    and why would i want to win the highchair? other than my love for the company LOL – we’re trying for another baby. we have the highchair we used for our daughter, but it is kind of bulky and sticks out. we’re moving to a new house soon & i’d love to have something more sleek and matches our decor better!

  5. i liked your FB page!

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  8. This highchair is actually my favorite item by Mamas & Papas right now….I have been eyeing it for a while now!! I have a 3 month old baby girl and due to the fact that we live in NYC {and do not have a lot of room}, I love the fact that this highchair folds for easy storage!!

  9. Liked your FB page

  10. Liked Mamas and Papas FB page

  11. I am loving the Mylo stroller! I am a soon to be momma! Hope I win! (I follow you)

  12. I love the Stargaze playmat.

  13. Katie Forrester says:

    Hi lauren!

    Girl you know I would love to win this chair! I would run a marathon while pregnant just to win. 😉 XOXO!


  14. The highchair is the best but I also like the Stargaze playmat!

  15. Katie Forrester says:

    I also love the 03 sport stroller!

  16. I liked your facebook page!

  17. I liked Mamas & Papas on facebook

  18. My favorite is the Mylo Dove Grey & Sandcastle Stroller. First off the color is gorgeous, very neutral and it converts in so many ways. It would take me all the way from birth to many years down the line.
    I would love to win the go eat highchair because we don’t have a lot of space for a highchair, we are first time parents and don’t have anything yet, and we are struggling right now as I am switching careers and have yet to make a paycheck in the last 6 months.

  19. I’m a new follower! (nicole-lynn) and I went to their site.. my favorite item is their teal baby snug! So cute!

  20. I love this highchair most! We are currently using a space saver chair and it is not the most stable, so I would love this for my little lady!

  21. I love the Tour lightweight stroller!

  22. I liked your facebook page!

  23. I liked the Mamas & Papas Facebook page!

  24. I pinned this giveaway on Pinterest.

  25. The tour stroller with the stripe lining is super cute.

  26. I follow you on Facebook.

  27. I posted your link on Facebook. I shared from your Facebook post so you should be able to see it.
    I should probably win…shipping would be a breeze 🙂

  28. i like the snug infant positioner! we need this highchair because our girl is 7 months and currently we don’t have one! was hoping to wait to see if we could get one as a Christmas gift…

  29. i liked the mamas and papas facebook page!

  30. i liked your facebook page!

  31. I’m following on bloglovin!

  32. i follow you on FB!

  33. I follow mamas and papas on fb and twitter

  34. Kira directed me to your Blog and now you directed me to Mama&Papaws and now I am going to be broke! I love the Crib Set…I love blankets and quilts and so does my little boy. We are in the market for a highchair right now and would love to have this one! We have limited space in our apt and have been trying to decide if we could afford a highchair at all. These babies are expensive! Thanks for your blog.. I am excited to follow!

  35. I would love to win the high chair. My husband and I provide foster care for infants and live in a super tiny house. This would be a wonderful gift!

    I also really like the baby snug on the Mommas and Pappas site!

  36. i tweeted about the giveaway!

  37. I also liked the Mommas and Poppas page on FB.

  38. Lauren,
    Thanks for the heads up about your amazing giveaway. I’d never even heard of Mamas and Papas, but thanks to you now I have.

    I love their plush toys Crumble Bear and Pumpkin Puppy. However that high chair isn’t bad either!

  39. I liked your facebook page awhile ago so that counts for two right? 🙂

  40. I liked both your fb page and Mamas and Pappas. Thank you for all the cool info and product sharing!

  41. My favorite product is the Mylo stroller. It is so adaptable to what ever your needs are out of a stroller as your baby grows.

    I want the highchair because we have a 3m/o baby boy. My husband and I just started talking about the fact that we are going to need to start thinking about buying a highchair for him soon. This is one I would love to have because of how easy it looks to clean and store, but we could never actually afford it. HA.

  42. I liked your fb page!

    My name on fb is BeauandKatie Vegter

  43. I’m following mamas & papas on twitter.

    My username is keod29

  44. I just wrote a blog post about this giveaway!

  45. I like the look of the Urbo stroller

  46. Liked your FB page

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  48. Im a new follower and I love the mamas and papas baby snug!

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  51. I love the Juice highchair! I’d order one in a pretty color for the baby girl we’re having in February. 🙂 I also like both you and Mamas & Papas on Facebook.

  52. I like the new mylo stroller. But i’d like to win the highchair for my new little one expected next year 🙂

  53. I will be needing a 2nd highchair soon and this would be perfect. My favorite item on their website is the Mylo stroller. total splurge!

  54. How exciting! We need to get a highchair for Rivers! I like the Tour stroller with the striped inside as well as the juice high chair.

  55. I like your facebook page

  56. I follow Mamas & Papas on twitter @colekbl

  57. love the strollers

  58. liked mamas and papas on fb

  59. like you on fb

  60. I like the light weight strollers, the Tour in particular, they are modern looking and look like good quality. The stripe pattern on the stroller is super cute.

    We would love to win this high chair for 3 reasons: 1 – Maddyn is almost 3 months old and my husband and I have yet to agree on a high chair. We have struggled to find a high chair that we both like and are comfortable with. All of the high chairs that get good reviews have purple elephants and pink flowers and junk like that on them. We had narrowed it down to 3, the Joovey, the Chico Duo Diner and the Baby Home Eat High Chair. All of which have reviews or very little reviews that have us a little bit concerned. We love this high chair because a very knowledgeable friends of mine highly recommends this high chair;), I love the modern look, my husband loves the plastic part that would prevent our daughter from falling through the high chair and it is neutral for Baby Lucas #2. 2 – My husband just got laid off at the end of last month until next June and it would be amazing to not have to fork out $150 to $200 for a high chair that we will be needing very soon. 3 – We have an amazing daughter who wakes up almost every morning with a smile on her face and I want to give her the safest and best stuff out there if possible.

  61. I follow you on facebook and I am now following Mamas & Papas on facebook.

  62. Wow, they have cool stuff. I like the mylo stroller. I want to win the high chair since I am expecting baby #2 in a month. My old highchair is still goopy and crusty from my daughter (who outgrew it 2 years ago).

  63. I like the baby snug!!

  64. Hi! I love the snug chair (clever) and the high chair

  65. … Liked your fb

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  67. Just tweeted!

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  69. I love all of the toys – they are so cute! I also fell in love with the “Juice Highchair” & how it converts to a junior chair. Very convenient 🙂 We are expecting our second child in May so we would love to win the Go Eat Highchair!

  70. I liked your page on Facebook.

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  72. And I shared the link to this post on my Facebook page 🙂

  73. I love the Tour Lightweight Stroller! We have a Bob but I need a smaller, lighter weight one for travel, etc. As for the high chair, well my little one will be starting solids in the next month or so, and we have been putting off getting a high chair until that time comes. It’ll be here before we know it!

  74. I followed Mamas and Papas on FB.

  75. I followed you on FB!

  76. The Mylo stroller looks amazing!! As a newly expectant Mama I would adore this snazzy high chair!!!

  77. i am digging on the high chairs from mamas and papas. we live in a very small house with a very small kitchen, and we have not found a high chair solution for size until now. i cannot believe how small they fold up, it would be PERFECT for our little baby and our little place! and of course i follow your blog

  78. i follow your facebook (nichole ryan)

  79. following mamas and papas on facebook & twitter (thegoodlife07)

  80. Their Rocking Animals collection is adorable!

  81. I follow your Facebook page!

  82. I pinned the giveaway!

  83. My favorite product of theirs, other than the stylin’ high chair would be the snail rocker. It’s so darn precious! I’d love to win this high chair for my daughter, and then, hopefully be able to pass it on to a younger sibling!

  84. I liked your Facebook page!

  85. I love the Baby Snug in Teal. Anything that grows with your child and in a fun color to boot is an all star product in my book! Thank you!

  86. I love the Tour – Purple lightweight stroller. The high chair would be awesome!

  87. I liked your FB page.

  88. I followed Mamas & Papas on twitter (@veganmamakim

  89. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  90. I love love love this highchair! I love the chocolate and orange combo, the sleek design, it’s easy to fold and clean and it’s apartment friendly! please pick me!!

  91. I like the 03 Sport Stroller – my husband is a runner and is looking forward to taking our son running with him in the spring.
    I really like the high chair though for not taking up a ton of room in our kitchen as well as being able to fold it down to travel with it to the grandparents.

  92. The baby snug looks pretty awesome. I would love to have the high chair to use when our little girl gets big enough!

  93. Oh! I love their bouncers! They would fit really well into my decor. As would the highchair — which is one of the reasons I would like to win it. I also love that it folds and doesn’t scream BABY! like some of the big bulky models out there.

  94. I liked your Facebook page ages ago. 🙂

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  98. I like the Apollo bouncer!

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  101. i like the Tour stroller

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  111. I’ve been looking at the baby snug.

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  114. the mylo stroller looks really cool. i’d love to have a new highchair. i’m sick of battling with my big, bulky one!

  115. i follow the mamas and papas on twitter

  116. i follow you, and love the mylo stroller! i don’t have kids yet, but every other one of my friends are expecting soon – and the highchair would be a great gift!!

  117. I love the Juice High Chair! Great giveaway!

  118. I also follow you on Facebook!

  119. I am following Mamas and Papas on Facebook!!

  120. I also Pinned this and am now following you on Pinterest! Can you tell I’m excited?

  121. love the tour stroller in stone….

  122. and I like you on FB….

  123. and I tweeted about it @HarmonKaty…. yay!

  124. I follow your blog! 🙂

  125. I followed Mamas and Papas on Twitter and FB. I also follow you on FB.

    My favorite product from Mamas and Papas would have to be the MAGIC Stargaze Playmat & Gym. I like this product because it is engaging and learning mechanism for the baby. I like that it shines light and it also in my favorite color of green. It’s look to be a bit thicker than normal activity mats, which I worry are to too thin for baby to be on the floor with.

    I would like the highchair because I will be a new mom this upcoming December and I believe that it would be of great use to me in the future. Currently, I have limited means of supporting the baby with their needs and this would be a great relief if I won such a wonderful item for my child. I believe that such a wonderful highchair would be an awesome item to not have to worry about since Mamas and Papas has a high standard of quality and safety with their products.

    I enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your interesting posts with you and baby Fern.

    Thank you.

  126. Following you on Facebook!

  127. Following Mamas & Papas!

  128. I want the grey Luxury Changing Bag from the Mamas & Papas site!

    I want to win the highchair because I know how much you love yours, and Veda wants to be Fern’s twinsie!

  129. Lauren! You are a woman after my own heart, this highchair is way simple without being super utilitarian. I love the way it folds up – we are currently living with family and it would come in way handy…or if we ever move out we will probably be in a 1 bedroom-ish place with little to no room to house a bulky highchair. After looking at their website, I would say this highchair was what spoke to me the most, from babysitting for a good chunk of my life I can see the importance of having a highchair that is easy to clean, ie – without a ton of little nooks and crannies that food can get lodged into! Great giveaway!!

  130. I also follow you on Facebook!

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  132. I love the Mylo stroller! Hope to win for my son.

  133. I follow you on Facebook.

  134. I Follow Mamas & Papas on Facebook

  135. I love the urbo stroller and how it can adjust to different positions. I also love the rocking toys. But the thing we need the most is a highchair. We are currently borrowing a highchair for our one-year-old and this one looks awesome!

  136. I follow you on facebook.

  137. I follow Mamas and Papas on facebook.

  138. stargaze playmat

    love to win for baby #1 due in feb! thanks!

  139. you on Facebook

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  141. twitter. thanks!

  142. I’m a new follower! I love the Juice in Apple, and I could use this high chair because I just had our first baby a couple of months ago, and we don’t have a high chair yet!

  143. I follow you on Facebook!

  144. I follow Mamas and Papas on Facebook!

  145. of course i’m a follower and gosh, have been since way before we were moms 🙂 i would get the flex baby sling because honestly i think i am missing out not having one. Felix could def. use this high chair — even at 7 weeks and not eating solids yet, it looks THAT comfortable to sit her in it now 😉 ha

    thanks for the chance lauren!

  146. i follow you on facebook x

  147. GFC Follower – i love the solo stroller and this would be great because ours is horrible!!!

    brookehell at gmail dot com

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  152. I like the baby snug positioner. You could really get a ton of use from this!

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  154. The magic astro bouncer looks nice.

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