conversations with craig.

Sometimes Craig and I have some pretty interesting conversations.
Sometimes they’re mundane.
OK…mostly their mundane.
Sometimes their random, witty banter.
But, last night we had this conversation and I couldn’t help but laugh:
Craig: Who are you texting?

Me: My friend Margaret.

Craig: Who’s Margaret?

Me: You know! My photographer friend.

Craig: You have too many friends. I can’t keep them all straight.

Me: I can’t help that people like me.

Craig: Maybe you should try being more stand off’ish.

Me: For reals?

Craig: Yeah.

Apparently I’m too friendly.
Who knew?

Oh husbands.


  1. this might be embarrassing for me to admit,,,,but i’m the nosey one in our relationship. i always want to know what is going on with my hubs. not out of jealousy, just out of pure curiousity! 🙂

  2. haha my husband cant ever seem to keep up with my friends, either. especially when i start talking about blogger friends!

  3. Haha! Nice piece of male logic. Too funny.

  4. haha! I always have to give Daniel a little tagline description about who I am talking about. Husband conversations are the best! Especially the silly late night ones! xoxo

  5. Ha! I was talking to Margaret last night too and my fiancé said the same thing about having too many friends, except for the whole stand off’ish thing.

  6. ahaha i love this! my husband always forgets names! i have to use several descriptions before he catches on… my photographer friend.. the one with brown hair.. she was a daughter.. she was at our house last night!

  7. I am pretty sure that Husby and I have had the same convo on more than one occassion!!!!

  8. I am pretty sure that Husby and I have had the same convo on more than one occassion!!!!

  9. LOL! Boys are so funny sometimes.

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