sick sick sick.

Just wanted to pop in to say hello.

Fern is sleeping right now, but has been feeling under the weather today.

We actually had a scary morning…Woke up to her loud, wheezing cough on the baby monitor and rushed into her room thinking she was choking. It sounded super scary and by the time I got to her room my heart was racing a million miles a minute.

It turned out to just be a cough that had turned wheezy during the night. Her poor, little labored breaths were heartbreaking. I immediately remembered all the commercials I’d seen during my pregnancy about whooping cough and began convincing myself that she must have it. She isn’t vaccinated (that’s a story for another day), so it’s a possibility.

I called the advice nurse at her pediatrician’s office and as it was before office hours, they suggested bundling her up to take her outside to breathe in the cold air. I did this and after about 15 minutes she seemed a lot better.

She’s still pretty wheezy, but after researching whooping cough more online and also looking up croup, I think that what she has seems more like croup than whooping cough, but it could just be a regular sickness, maybe just different than anything she’s had before.

I guess we’ll just wait and see what happens over the weekend. Prayers that she’s feeling better soon though!

This is why there were no blanks this morning. But, I wanted to pop in to say hi and leave you with this picture of Fern from our little photo shoot the other day. I just love this girl. (*Feel free to catch up on some of her adventures as of late here)

Hope you all have a happy weekend!



  1. Sounds like croup alright! My daughter has has it twice… she just got over her second round last week. It’s currently going around really bad right now, poor little babes. 🙁 My advice (I hope you don’t mind that I give it) is to rest up right now. Tonight will probably be pretty rough. Croup gets really bad in the night and sometimes the children will seem ok leading up to bed and then after a few hours of sleeping BAM! If you dont already have a humidifier I would get one. Also going outside whenever she has a hard time catching her breath-the cool moist Oregon air really helps! It’s so so SO terrifying. I end up crying every time because I feel so helpless. Trust your mama instincts! Don’t be afraid to call the Doctor or advice nurse. Steroid treatments can really help, but it’s the last option really. Prayers to you and little Fern! I hope she’s better by Christmas!

  2. I agree with Samantha… went through croup many many times with my youngest son Stewart. Always worse at night and in the morning… even spent time in the ER. The ER talked me through a bad night by sitting in my car with the windows open in the rain letting that humidity work it’s magic. We also spent sleepless hours in a ‘steamy bathroom’. Towel under door blocking air escape… running hot shower until steam fills the room. About 20-30 minutes. Coming out into a cooler room opens their little lungs right up. Thinking about you & Miss Fern.


  3. she is so beautiful. I hope that she feels better and I will be praying for complete healing.

  4. Aw, poor Fern. I’m so sorry she’s not feeling well. It’s just terrible. Sending good thoughts.

    Love you.

  5. Hope Fern is doing much better by now and you guys have a lovely, quiet week end.
    Get well, cute, little Fern and enjoy the Christmas 🙂


  6. I’ll be praying for her (and you guys)! Poor little babe :(. Coughs are no fun, no matter what the associated sickness is.

    BTW, you’ve created a fashion icon. The other day I was on pinterest and saw a baby style pin. I though “That looks like Fern! Who is this impostor?!” After clicking on the link I realized it was one of your posts on Babble. Until that point, though, I was convinced someone was pretending to be you. … then I felt like a weirdo. haha

  7. Aww, hope Fern is feeling better… This is not the time for that! Is that a Pendleton blanket I spy? Gorgeous!

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