want. need. wear. read.

I thought I’d jump on the want/need/wear/read band wagon and share my own little wish list with you for this holiday season and then I’d love to hear what’s on yours!


This 1960’s IBM Standard Issue Clock from Schoolhouse Electric. I love the industrial vintage vibe of it, which would go smashingly with our “Rustic Industrial Modern” aesthetic (we came up with this while we were big into Emily Henderson’s “Secret’s of a Stylist”). I know the perfect place to put it too!


A new diaper bag. Craig broke the strap on mine, although I’m not real disappointed, because while it wasn’t offensive looking or anything, it also wasn’t exactly cute. I want a bag I’ll still want to use post-baby years. I know some people like to just throw their stuff in a regular purse, but I’ve had way too many diaper bag messes to go that route – I need something a little more heavy duty and I’m torn between these two:

The Northwesterner Waxed Canvas Utility Bag from Wood & Faulk:

Or this Haley Convertible Diaper Bag from Ruche:


This enamel locket from Alder & Co. (in black or grey please!) – I would love to put little photos of Fern & Craig in it.


A subscription to Kinfolk magazine, because let’s face it – I haven’t read a real book since becoming a mom. Who has time? Also, because it’s filled to the brim with loveliness.

What’s on your want/need/wear/read list?



  1. Oh my gosh I don’t even have a baby and I still want that first bag!

    But I could never deal with that clock, it would remind me of being in math class and praying for the clock to tell me class was over before the teacher called on me.

  2. Oh, I love that ruche bag. I recently got a #300 double shell bag from Duluth pack and it reminds me of the aesthetic of your first bag -super durable and roomy.

    A subscription to kinfolk *sigh* me too.

  3. Okay, that black diaper bag is HOTT! Seriously, you need it. Heck, I need it. I love your wish list.

  4. Those lockets are just precious! I want one!

  5. I want all of these too even without a baby!

  6. love all of these. i have a utility bag on my Christmas list too! I really love that first one. i would also like a subscription to Kinfolk, although i noticed the newest one is only $10 on Amazon, so i may go that route. love amazon.

  7. I want everything on your list! And need to make my own:-) xoxo

  8. I really like the Haley bag, I hope you get it…it’s so stylish for a diaper bag.

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