what fern wore #15.

This is what Fern wore for a play date with my friends Becca and Kira and their littles (Bennett, Buckley and Pearl).

I ordered this dress for her to wear on her birthday and she hasn’t worn it since. I guess it just felt a little on the fancy side for kicking around at home and I couldn’t figure out how to style it so it would be a little more casual and I think I finally figured it out. By adding a onesie underneath, a pair of tights, moccasins and a scrap of Pendleton fabric as a bow I think the entire look was changed up. Just goes to show you can shop in your own closet and find cuteness!

bow/belt: Pendleton fabric scrap
onesie: American Apparel
tights: Target
shoes: Minnetonka


  1. That is such a cute dress! I’ll say it again, your daughter is one of the most stylish kids I’ve seen!

  2. Great outfit and excellent taste, mommy 🙂 I love the color, and it suits Fern perfectly.


  3. How cute!! I read your blog on the vintage apple, and I can totally relate to everything you wrote!

  4. She’s looking adorable, as always!

  5. I love it!!!! where are her moccs from? someone just gave me a pair of minnentonkas for ruby and i am in love! but i love how fern’s have the beading on the side.

  6. such a cutie!! i love her little moccs.

    romantically challenged

  7. I totally want to try some of my Pendleton scraps as belts for Pearl after seeing Fern in that outfit.

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