gold dresses + j. biebs.

This weekend I will basically be living out the dream of preteen girls everywhere…

I have been invited to attend the Radio Disney Music Awards!

Remember when Fern and I went to Disneyland last month? Well, I can finally share what it was for! I’ve been invited to be a part of a fun new campaign for Disney called Minnie Messengers (you can see a post explaining more about it here), hence all the fun trips and Disney experiences…But back to my point…Radio Disney Music Awards…

I’m pretty excited about it for multiple reasons:

1. I’ll hopefully be wearing this little gold number (with some serious spanx action I’m guessing…we’ll see when it arrives…) which is super exciting since I’m a sucker for shiny things, but having an excuse to wear fancy, shiny things as a work-from-home mama (and one living in Portland no less) is a rarity. (*Side note, I promise this dress is longer than it looks on the model – I swear I will not be showing off my business in a moment a’la Britney.)

2. I’ll get to see this lovely lady. She lives in NYC. I live in Portland. So. Far. Away. Getting an excuse to see her AND dress up fancy together? I’m in! And yes, Lauren Jimeson….I did in fact just post a giant photo of you on my blog :). (I also get to see this lady, and this lady and this lady too!)
3. J. Beibs is going to be at said awards show…supposedly. I actually only know this because my pre-teen cousins (avid fans of the Disney channel) informed me of the hearsay. So obviously I’ll make sure to ask him about that kinda douchey Anne Frank comment for you all…you know once we’ve reached BFF status of course.
Oh…and here’s a little video about the Minnie Messengers campaign and our fun experience in L.A.!
I am seriously feeling so blessed by all of the amazing opportunities I’ve been given through blogging lately…I kind of have the best job ever. Thank you to all of you who still hang around and take the time to read the things that I write. Without you I wouldn’t be able to have this wonderful job where I get to work from home and hang out with Fern all the time, so THANK YOU! I am beyond grateful for each and every one of you lovely ladies who stops by here (and Disney and Babble) to share in my life.


  1. If you meet Biebs could you pass on a tip that he needs to stop acting like such a little brat? Ugh he’s obnoxious!

    In other news, that gold dress is STUNNING. You better post pics!

  2. A dress rental? What an awesome idea! And wow, what an amazing opportunity, that’ll be so much fun!


  4. LOVE the dress you picked!!

  5. Yay, this sounds great!

  6. I’m more than a little jealous! How fun is that?

  7. So did you meet Biebs or his ex, Selena?

    I saw some IG photos of you at the awards and you looked gorgeous. Gold sparkly dresses are so glam. I hope you had fun!

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