weekly highlights: 7.19.13.

Here are a few of the highlights from this week my friends…

Photos of Fern with farm animals…and even a little doe! Seriously. So much cuteness. I have more to post from my “real camera” once I actually upload them, but for now you can see some of them over at Disney Baby.

Getting to show this lady around the city. Andrea is my boss at Disney/Babble, but I’m so glad she’s my friend too. Had fun sharing a little taste of Portland with her and now I wish she lived closer!

Having a good laugh at my first-year parenting self. I’ve definitely eased up a lot. (“20 Truths About First Year Parenting V.S. Second Year Parenting”)
My new favorite lipstick from Wet n Wild. You probably forgot about them after junior high, but seriously, it’s so good. I love dabbing it on instead of the typically swipe, because it leaves me with a perfectly matte stain-like lip. The best part? It’s only $3.49 from Walgreens! I have at least 20 lipsticks (OK…let’s be real, it’s probably more), but this one has quickly made it to the top of the pack. (“Old School Glam” from Wet n Wild’s Fergie Collection)
Wagon rides with this girl. She LOVES her wagon. Also…totally obsessed with her new romper from Fawn Shoppe.
Getting to hang out with Lauren and Ruby of Rain City Baby (Instagram: @raincitybaby). If you guys don’t read her blog, you really should…she’s relatively new to the blogging game, but she’s a quick study. I love her authenticity. Plus she’s super stylish…added bonus.

Playing in Fern’s closet for this post. Seriously you guys, Disney actually has some really cute stuff and I’m not just saying that because I work for The Mouse. Their solid onesies are our favorites.

This delicious dessert that sort of just came to me. Simple and healthy’ish (not exactly low calorie, but good, quality whole foods and definitely more virtuous than ice cream). Sliced peaches that I soaked in a mix fresh squeezed lime, honey and mint (blended it all up in the Vitamix) and then topped over plain Greek yogurt. So good!
You know I love this quote. Also, some of my favorite fashion/style quotes are posted here.
Fern’s obsession with Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. It’s been on repeat in our car this week. On a personal level he kinda gives me the creeps (Fastforward to minute 1:56 where he’s eating an ice cream cone if you want full body shivers), but the song is just so catchy!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!
Love and highlights,


  1. she is such a cutie! love those rosy cheeks!

    romantically challenged

  2. Her head bob is THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!

  3. I LOVE Wet n Wild products! They’ve really come a long way since we were kids, right?

  4. Haha I laughed with your 1st year vc 2nd year parenting. Totally saw myself in those facts! 🙂

  5. I need to get that lipstick. It’s bright without being obnoxious.

  6. Sweet! This is my little round up from the last ten days.


  7. Jeena David says:

    Cute baby, just like snow white with red rosy cheek 🙂

    precious moments of silent prayer

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