Barre3 Fitness: Weeks 10 + 11

You guys. This week was awesome. I realized I had abs again! Maybe they aren’t 6-pack body builder abs yet, but I can see and feel the definition, which is huge for me, because I never really even had abs before having a kid!

The good news is: my waist is whittling down and those lazy muscles in my belly are starting to do their job again thanks to all these Barre3 classes! This was the first week I’ve noticed a marked difference in my photos. The only downside to this is that now that my stomach is getting smaller, my pregnancy stretch marks are becoming more pronounced. C’est la vie – you win some, you lose some. I’ll take a strong body with stretch marks any day. It’s funny how your view of your body changes after having a child. I am much more appreciative of what my body is than what it isn’t, which is definitely a much healthier way to look at one’s body. I feel great!

I forgot to post my progress last week, so I’m just doubling up today. I decided to skip the week 10 photos since they weren’t anything super exciting, but I included my stats from week 10 and week 11 below. I’ve lost just under three pounds in these two weeks. Not exactly lightning speed, but I know I am gaining muscle and I am happy with that. My body is totally changing and reshaping and that is so much better than what the numbers on the scale say anyway.

Barre3 Fitness: Weeks 10 + 11
Barre3 Fitness: Weeks 10 + 11

Also, this past Friday I took a class with Amy (Barre3’s VP of sales and marketing) and we snapped a pic together. The left is me 7-months pregnant during my first Barre3 class ever and the right is obviously now. It’s crazy to me when I see how much my body has changed since then! I realize that in the photo on the left I had gained weight and was carrying a human being, but I still remember feeling like my body would never be the same again. I was right, sort of…my body is definitely different than it once was, but I have so much more appreciation for it now, and it feels like “me” again if that makes sense. I am finally feeling comfortable in my skin once again and that is a beautiful thing! Now on with the stats…

Barre3 Fitness: Weeks 10 + 11

Here are week 10 + 11 stats: (all comparisons are based off of the previous week’s stats)

Week 10: Date: 9/13/13 

Weight: 148.6 – (down 2 lb.)
Left arm: 11.5″ – (same)
Right arm: 11.5″ (same)
Chest: 37″ (up .25″)
Waist: 34.5″ (down .75″)
Hip: 36″ (down .25″)
Left leg: 19.5″ (down 1″)
Right leg: 19.75″ (down .75″)

Week 11: Date: 9/20/13

Weight: 147.8 – (down .8 lb.)
Left arm: 11.5″ – (same)
Right arm: 11.25″ (down .25″)
Chest: 37″ (same)
Waist: 34.5″ (same)
Hip: 34.5″ (down 1.75″)
Left leg: 20.5″ (same)
Right leg: 20.75″ (up .25″)
Also, just a heads up if you’ve been thinking of trying out some studio classes…Barre3 class packages are on sale – 20% off right now, so that people can stock up for their upcoming fall challenge. Even if you are doing the online program or DVDs I cannot recommend enough the benefits of taking a few studio classes as you get started. Having a real-life instructor there to help you make corrections and connect more with your workout is totally invaluable. That’s the thing about Barre3 – it can be as easy or as challenging as you choose to make it and the in-studio classes have definitely helped me learn how to make my at-home workouts more challenging as well. There are also free community instructor training classes from time to time on the schedule, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those as well!
Love and abs,


  1. Lauren I love to hear you say all these positive things about your body! Us women need to appreciate the body we have. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

    • Thank you sister :). Come take a class with me when you’re back in town – I think you would love it! You’d probably be super awesome too with all that ballet training of yours!

  2. so awesome! you look great! 🙂

  3. This is one awesome blog.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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