Hanes: Bringing Comfort to the Uncomfortable

One of my favorite things about being a blogger is all of the wonderful individuals and companies that I get to work with and Hanes is definitely one of my favorites. They are such a fantastic organization that uses their success for good in communities.

Hanes: Bringing Comfort to the Uncomfortable // The Little Things We Do

This month in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Hanes partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to promote early detection of breast cancer through the new  “mammogram monologues” program. The monologues program invites women to share their candid mammogram stories in an effort to help raise the comfort level surrounding the mammogram experience.

Hanes mantra is one of comfort and I love they they are bringing comfort to a potentially uncomfortable experience like getting a mammogram. Even though I’m not at the age for getting mammograms yet and have no family history of breast cancer, it doesn’t mean that it is off my radar completely. It’s always a good thing to encourage others in your life to get their mammograms as well and I will definitely be reminding the ladies that I love to get their yearly mammograms.

In addition to donating money to the NBCF, Hanes is inviting women everywhere to take to their social channels to candidly document their mammogram experiences in an effort to showcase how simple the mammogram procedure can be. Supporters can follow along and participate in the “mammogram monologue” conversation at www.facebook.com/Hanes or by searching #HanesPink on Twitter and Instagram.

I hope you’ll join in!



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