Giving Tuesday With Hanes

Black Friday is a bit of a tradition in my family. We don’t get quite as crazy as some people do, but for us it’s “sock day”. One of our local one-stop shopping spots, Fred Meyer, has a half-off sock sale every year on Black Friday so that is the day we buy socks. I always go with my mom and we stock up for the year.

But this year, in addition to “sock day”, I get to be a part of a new “sock day” tradition and that is Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is December 3, an annual day of giving that follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday. How had I never heard of this? Well, this year I was made aware as a Comfort Crew member for Hanes. #HanesforGood is teaming up with Invisible People founder Mark Horvath (he was formerly homeless himself) to take to the streets of New York and L.A. to donate socks to those who don’t have the luxury of getting a “sock day” like I do. Socks may seem like an odd thing to donate – I myself thought, “Don’t they need things like coats more?” – so I was surprised to learn that socks are the most needed but least donated item at homeless shelters. Who knew?

Giving Tuesday With Hanes

Hanes mission is always one of comfort and in an effort to make the world a better and more comfortable place, they are donating boat loads of socks (250,000 pairs!) and also giving us as Comfort Crew members $250 gift cards to purchase socks for our local homeless shelters. I’m so happy I get to work with a company that is so generous and truly cares about people.

Hanes would also like you all to join in the conversation – share your stories of giving during Giving Tuesday and throughout the holiday season by sharing on Twitter with the hashtag #HanesforGood.

Let’s be generous this holiday season!

Love and giving,



  1. I just wanted to say, as a mother of an almost 2 year old (he’ll be 2 in January) THANK YOU for being part of this Hanes Crew. Because of all your Hanes posts, I check out some undies at target, and am totally in love 🙂 no more lines, and no more uh, wedgies 😉 They’re pretty cute and not at all grandma-ish. So, thank you!

  2. So it’s not technically on Tuesday but I am giving back to the community doing pay what you can photosessions because even though i do highly value how far I’ve come, sometimes I value giving people great photography where they normally couldn’t get it. What an awesome thing for Hanes to be doing! You will have fun spending that for that cause!


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