Kicking Off the New Year With Some Art + a Giveaway!

I rarely host giveaways anymore and I rarely enter them either. To me, there just aren’t a lot of things that I really need that seem “worth it”, ya know? But, today’s giveaway  is for a very talented artist/friend whose work I truly love and I really wanted to share it with you. Meet Hillary Kupish.

Hillary is a fine artist and illustrator based here in Portland, Oregon. She studied art history and loves the outdoors. She works primarily in ink based works, and that is what our little giveaway is for! Hillary designed and illustrated a 2014 calendar called “Once Upon a Beast” and it’s seriously incredible and I thought a beautiful calendar would be a the perfect way to start of a New Year. I love how clean, crisp and fresh Hillary’s designs and for me that totally symbolizes how I feel about the new year…a fresh start…a clean slate. 365 days to do the best you can and achieve your goals. I just love that.

A New Year + Some Art + A Giveaway! // The Little Things We Do

What I also love about this calendar is that it’s strong. I’m not typically a “wall hanging” kind of person. I stagger things on shelves, but rarely commit to actually hanging anything, because even if I did find something I liked it likely wouldn’t be something that my husband would like as well. Hillary’s calendar totally suits both of our aesthetics and he’s even trying to finagle a way to swipe the calendar for his office at work.

To enter this giveaway, head over to my Instagram (@thelittlethingswedo) and repost today’s photo and finish the phrase “This year…” along with the hashtag #inkandcogiveaway. I want to hear all your goals, hopes and dreams for 2014, so go enter and be sure to check out Hillary’s amazing art!

Kicking Off the New Year With Some Art + a Giveaway!

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  1. Happy New Year, Lauren and all the best for the three of you 🙂

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