Wūka: The Perfect Gift For Busy Little Hands

If you have a busy kid like mine you are always looking for good ways to keep them engaged. You know…so they’ll stop running around for at least 12 seconds at a time and give you a chance to catch your breath. At home I try to give Fern plenty of freedom to get her wiggles out, but there are times when we’re out and I just need her to calm down a bit and engage in a quiet activity, or even times at home when I just need a bit of a break.

It can be totally tempting to just park your kid in front of a 20 minutes TV show to let them check out for a bit or to hand them your iPhone when your out at a restaurant and their on the brink of making a scene. I’ll admit, I’ve totally done these things before, but I would much prefer to find a more engaging way to entertain my child.

What I want is a quiet activity that is fun, educational, and that promotes independent play. But, let’s be real…I also want an activity that will give me (and the others around me if we happen to be out in public) at least five minutes of peace. Is that really too much to ask?

Enter wūka – the perfect gift to keep little hands busy in a positive and engaging way.

Wūka: The Perfect Gift For Busy Little Hands // The Little Things We Do

Basically a Wūka is like those quiet books you’ve seen all over the Pinterest universe that have fun quiet (hence the creative name) activities in them. The main difference? You don’t have to make it yourself and it’s probably (read: for sure) way better quality than what most people would be able to come up with on their own.

Wūka: The Perfect Gift For Busy Little Hands

 I have zero sewing skills and my crafty skills are novice at best so attempting something like this would be way out of my league. That said, even if I did have the crafty skills necessary to make this I cannot even begin to imagine the number of hours it would take me! From conceptualizing the activities to purchasing the fabric, to actually putting it together? Ain’t nobody got time. Also, I’m quite certain that whatever I came up with would end up on a Pinterest Fails list on Buzzfeed.

Wūka: The Perfect Gift For Busy Little Hands // The Little Things We Do

Thankfully Wūka does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is go online and choose your Wūka squares (which are totally reasonably priced by the way!) and they come to you along with a set of silicone links so you can easily assemble the squares of your book at home. Easy peasy. The links allow you to change to order of the book as you wish and also allow you to add or take out more squares as needed. Brilliant!

Wūka: The Perfect Gift For Busy Little Hands

Fern’s favorite square is the “Catchin’ Critters” one and she may or may not have carried the ladybug, butterfly and worm around all day when we got it. She loves putting those little bugs in the jar and dumping them out!

Wūka: The Perfect Gift For Busy Little Hands

I think the Wūka squares would be a great Christmas gift for your children or friends and would be totally perfect for traveling (I’ll be taking ours to Disneyland with us in January!).

Be sure to check out all the squares they offer on their Wūka squares page, and their Facebook page! Aaaaannnnnd…if you decide to purchase, Wūka is offering my readers a 10% off code that expires December 31, 2013.  Just type in “thelittlethingswedo” at checkout.

This is a sponsored post by Wūka.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. These are adorable! I hope the Critter one comes back in stock soon 🙂

  2. Wow. Another sponsored post. I used to love reading your blog because I felt it was so authentic and pure. Now it feels like every other post is sponsored or a ‘check out these clothes this company sent my daughter to wear’ post. I really feel like you just write for the paycheck now. Won’t be reading anymore. Such a bummer.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way Marie and I will be sorry to see you go. I really do value my readers and I’m sorry that my posts are coming across to you as inauthentic…perhaps I need to reevaluate the sponsored posts that I take on. That said, this blog is a way for me to support my family. It isn’t just for fun, although I really do love it. Blog posts like these enable me to be able to stay home with my daughter and relieve some of the financial stress for our family and that isn’t something I am willing to apologize for. Yes sponsored posts are a paycheck, but they are only for items that I genuinely like. And the items that are sent to us are being incorporated into the types of posts I was already doing. I have done outfit posts for both myself and Fern for ages and readers always enjoyed them, so the only difference now is that some of the items are free. I hope you can understand my motivation. Thank you for taking the time to read.

      • I don’t feel the same way as she does. Yes, you have a lot more c/o things but the posts about them always seem really genuine. There are definitely some blogs I could point to that have TONS of c/o and they don’t feel genuine (*cough*IRockSoWhat*cough*). I definitely stop reading those blogs. Don’t worry – you aren’t that. 😉

  3. Wow, these are awesome! I’d probably end up fighting with my daughter over them, I’d love to play too. Very original idea.
    Great tip, Lauren, thank you.

  4. I love this! I’ve been thinking of making something like this, but wasn’t sure how or where to start. I’ll see what I can do with my scraps, but if all else fails, at least Wuka figured it out. Great price for the amount of time it would take to make, not to mention the time it will entertain a little one. Thanks for sharing!

    • Julie – That’s what I thought! At first it seems a bit pricey for each page, but when you think of how much the supplies would cost and how much time it would take, it’s really a great value!

  5. Wuka squares look great! 🙂 My brothers and I had something similar when we were growing up, but it was home made. My mum is good with textiles and made one years before she had any of us (probably because she had a lot more time back then!) I still get a thrill when I look through it again even as a grown up lady expecting her first baby 🙂 It’s lovely that there’s a similar product on the market today, one that’s both customisable and so easy to assemble

  6. This is amazing!! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago! I have an almost 7 month old baby girl and your blog has the best tips and fashion inspiration for little girls. Fern is so adorable! Your writing is truly authentic. And if you lose a reader today, I just want you to know that you’ve gained one for as long as you have a blog! On another note, I went thrift shopping the other day hoping to find cheap Hunter boots like Fern’s… did not even come close! You got so lucky with those!!

    • Julia – You have no idea how happy your comment made me. Thank you for reminding me that there are plenty of fantastic readers out there like you still to connect with and that’s what makes this blogging worth it :). Oh! And a trip about the Hunter boots – I have a friend who only buys them on eBay and gets awesome deals. Not $3 mind you…that was a one time thing I’m sure, but still like $20’ish which is awesome! Also…go to thrift stores and yard sales in upscale neighborhoods. That’s where the rummage sale was where Fern’s boots came from. People with lots of money give insane things away :).

  7. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  8. I’d love to buy one of these, but the website is not working. I keep getting error pages. Can you provide an email address to contact them?

  9. I am just now seeing all these posts about a wuka book but every time I go to their site nothing shows up. Where can I get one?

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