Postpartum Kind of Sucks

This post is a short one, but it’s an important one…a PSA if you will. Just in case any of you dear readers are pregnant or plan to one day be pregnant, you may want to give this post a read. It’s basically everything you never wanted to know about postpartum, but probably should know anyway. All the gross details in the name of education and life-improvement. I was totally blindsided by some of these things after having Fern and it was super overwhelming and hopefully in sharing I can help some people go into it a bit more prepared.

So, consider this your education in postpartum if you haven’t already experienced it firsthand. All the things I wish someone had told me…

Postpartum Kind of Sucks // @The Little Things We Do

Love and gory details,


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  1. God bless you for this post!

  2. I needed this post about 15 months ago. You are right – postpartum sucks and I felt myself nodding my head in agreement with almost every point you made. I had several girlfriends that had their first babies about 6 months after me so I let them in on the REAL, borderlineTMI low-down much like you just did with this, and I think it helped them prepare a little more – or at least I hope so. Hoping I will be more prepared the second time around (whenever that time is) but I also know that no two pregnancies/labors/births/babies are the same. I’ll be interested to hear if things are better (easier? ha!) the second time around for you – or if it you will have different challenges with having a new baby AND an active toddler. Excited for you! Thanks for this.

  3. Thank you for this post! I sent it to my girlfriend and asked her to hold off until week 35ish to read.

  4. Just wanted new moms to know nipple cream can be used for so much more than just the nips. Put ona bid before breast feeding, works like a gasket. Babies get super chapped lips, use it there, and for mom of you can’t find yours. Works amazing on diaper rash! If baby has dry or cracking skin anywhere that baby lotion doesn’t seem to work on the nip cream holds better longer. Just a few things I figured out the hard way.

  5. Kristina says:

    When I tell people I had postpartum they think you didn’t love your baby and that is not true at all,(there are many levels of post partum) loved and took care of my son, I just felt like I was on a roller coaster emotionally and I felt like a cow between pumping and feeding(my little guy didn’t latch on right away)I think part of it was I was so tired,everything seems ten times worse than it was when your tired.My advice to new mothers is take help when it is offered you don’t have to do it all. It will get better, and your body will get back to somewhat normal.I went on alot of walks and started working or when my son turned one,he didn’t seem to need me so much.

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