A Girl After Her Mama’s Own Heart

Wanna know something about me that you may not have known before?

I’m totally in love with musicals. I used to sing quite a bit as a kid and up until high school I sang regularly in some facet or another… usually in front of our church. When I was young, I was obsessed with The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz. I would dream of playing Dorothy on stage one day with her lovely ruby red slippers. BUT…my all-time favorite was always Annie.

We used to lived near this grocery store that had video rentals and almost every Friday night we would go there and my parents would let my brother and I pick out a movie to rent. Every single time, I chose Annie. My poor parents. I’m not sure why we never ended up just buying it, but for whatever reason I kept renting it week after week for who knows how long…definitely months and months.

To this day I still know most of the songs from the movie (as I’m sure my parents do too from my incessant singing!) and regularly break them out on road trips or otherwise. I even got to have my photo taken on the fire escape where the orphans sing It’s a Hard Knock Life while we were visiting Warner Bros. Studios once. I sort of geeked out over that.

A Girl After Her Mama's Own Heart // @ The Little Things We Do

Now that I have a little one, it’s fun to see that she’s taken after her mama with a love for singing and show tunes. She’s always loved singing and was humming recognizable tunes long before she could ever talk! Her very first movie watching experience was The Wizard of Oz and she’s seen The Sound of Music (we just fast forward to the singing parts) and she loves to break out in song with “Doe a deer” or “My Favorite Things” almost daily. It’s pretty heart melting to listen to a two-year-old sing about “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”. And while she’s never seen Annie, I’ve definitely introduced her to some of the songs and she regularly requests that we sing “Tomorrow” at bed time. I have to admit that in the innermost corners of my mama heart, I secretly hope that singing is something she continues to show interest in and pursue, because it makes my heart swell listening to her sweet voice.

So, why all of this backstory? Well, I wanted you to know how Annie-obsessed I was before showing you this ridiculously cute shirt. When I stumbled across this tiny tank from Pudge & Pigtails on Etsy I knew Fern needed it. Yes, needed. It says: “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”. Great words to live by, but they also happen to be lyrics from an Annie song.

Monica of Pudge & Pigtails sent it to us to style and Fern posed her pants off in this one. She’s finally starting to embrace this whole photo taking business which is so fun (note: there may have been a lollipop bribe involved, but I’m not confirming anything).

A Girl After Her Mama's Own Heart // @ The Little Things We Do A Girl After Her Mama's Own Heart // @ The Little Things We Do A Girl After Her Mama's Own Heart // @ The Little Things We Do A Girl After Her Mama's Own Heart // @ The Little Things We Do

{Tank: c/o Pudge & Pigtails on Etsy, Shorts: Gap, Shoes: Gap}


Now, Monica has started creating an adult version of this tank, so obviously I’m going to need to get one for future matching opportunities. Craig always says Fern is such a little mini version of me, so we might as well just embrace it, right?


Love and show tunes,

Lauren (& Fern!)


  1. I love this! I’ll admit I had no idea the saying was lyrics from an Annie song, but I’m with ya!! Haha! I know I always say this….Fern looks adorable! Come on…hands in the pockets too! Love.

    This makes me wonder which one of my likes/hidden talents I’ll pass on to Luna!? Things that make you go HMMMMMM 🙂

  2. When I was little, I went through a phase where I put the Annie record on every day and belted out every song repeatedly. Love her tank top and slip-ons. So cute.

  3. She’s sooo precious and cute! soo great that she is posing now!

  4. I am very fortunate that my son shares my passion for musicals. I love a good Disney film marathon for just that reason! His first love was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, skipping around being Charlie, whilst my husband plays Grandpa Joe. Annie was the second, our house filled with renditions of ‘Tomorrow’, and depending on his mood will walk up and down the playroom saying ‘it’s a hard knock life for us’, and making the whistle noise to turn around and start again – he’s a fully little man, with great character and passion.
    Kids need these classics in their lives, it enriches the soul – well done mamma x

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