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If there is one thing we are not in our household it is vegetarian…well, except for maybe Fern. Home girl doesn’t even like bacon and that’s just plain crazy talk. I mean…who doesn’t like bacon?! Picky toddlers, that’s who. But I digress. I’m pretty middle of the road when it comes to meat eating, but my husband is a carnivore through and through. In his mind, a meal literally isn’t a meal without meat. As such we have meat at every dinner and I would consider us to be connoisseurs on this part of the food pyramid which is why I was so excited when we received an invite to attend the media opening of Fogo de Chão here in Portland this past week. I knew it would be right up Craig’s alley.

Fogo de Chão is a Brazilian churrascaria where they roast their meats “the Gaucho way” over open pits of fire. And not only do they have amazing meats, but you can eat as much as your heart desires! Their gaucho chefs come around throughout your meal offering you amazing portions of meat sliced right there at your table until you couldn’t possibly eat another bite (despite the fact that you really wish you could).

Portland Places: Fogo de Chão // @ The Little Things We Do

We started off our meal with drinks. Craig got the Caipirinha – national cocktail of Brazil – and I got the Brazilian lemonade. Both were delicious…or so Craig assures me since I didn’t actually try the Caipirinha – #pregnancyproblems. We also had a delicious shrimp cocktail as an appetizer. I’m not usually super big on shrimp, but this was really good. After this came the salad bar.

Now…I know what you’re thinking. Salad bar? Really?! But it was pretty much the classiest salad bar of all time. Basically you should just forget everything you think you know about salad bars, because Fogo de Chão will turn those ideas on their head. I forgot to take a photo of my salad bar plate, but it was filled with smoked salmon, prosciutto, amazing aged cheeses, so many salads and more.

Portland Places: Fogo de Chão // @ The Little Things We Do

So, pretty much before the meat part of the meal happened we had both already had a full meal. But, don’t worry…we made more room. When you’re ready to begin the meatstravaganza you flip over the card at your table to let the gaucho chefs know that you’re ready. Green means go and when you have your card flipped to green the gauchos will come by your table over and over with delicious cuts of meat. Then, when you need a break you can just flip your card over to red until you want more again.

Portland Places: Fogo de Chão // @ The Little Things We Do

Craig was totally in his happy place with so much delicious meat. Our favorites were the filet mignon and the lombo – pork loin encrusted with parmesan. I’m not usually a big pork fan, because it’s not always done well, but this was seriously the best pork I’ve ever had in my entire life. So tender! Craig’s first response was, “What?! This can’t be pork!” It was that good.

Portland Places: Fogo de Chão // @ The Little Things We Do

And let’s not forget the sides (as if we needed more food)…fried polenta, mashed potatoes, plantains…

Portland Places: Fogo de Chão // @ The Little Things We Do

The end result: meat carnage.

Portland Places: Fogo de Chão // @ The Little Things We Do

In addition to the great food, the service was phenomenal. Everyone was so friendly and fast! I realize that part of that was probably the fact that it was a media opening, but I’ve no doubts we would’ve gotten great service even on a typical night. Our server was amazing and I had to take a snap of his amazing dish clearing skills. He got a ridiculous amount of plates on that tray!

Portland Places: Fogo de Chão // @ The Little Things We Do

We finished off our meal with espresso and a molten lava cake to share and it was perfection.

Portland Places: Fogo de Chão // @ The Little Things We Do

Portland Places: Fogo de Chão // @ The Little Things We Do

I’m sure we’ll be coming back to Fogo de Chão again – we were both big fans. Definitely a fun atmosphere for a special occasion!

Love and full bellies,



  1. Ha I was here too!! Love your recap- too bad we didn’t run into each other! Maybe next time.

  2. This is totally my husband’s kind of place! Looks really delicious!!!

  3. Lauren says:

    That places is my husband’s favorite, too. He definitely ate his money in meat when we went to the Baltimore location a few months ago. He ate a load of filet! ha! I have been trying to recreate something even close to that pork, but I haven’t had any success. It is, by far, the best pork that we’ve ever had….and how about those cheesey rolls?!?!

  4. Seriously, those cheesey rolls. Jealous you got the shrimp cocktail- I forgot about it as I was preoccupied with the salad bar and meats and forgot to try any of the seafood options!

  5. My Anatomy & Physiology instructor told me about this place. It sounds like a great place and a great experience. I was sad though because it is $50 a person! But it is all you can eat. Since I am a Portlander too, one of these days I will have gather some friends and venture there. Your experience sounds awesome too! 🙂


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