Happy Birthday Clive Clarke!

My dear little Clivey,

Today marks a pretty momentous occasion: you are ONE! We all survived your first year of life!
Happy Birthday Clive Clarke! // via The Little Things We Do

Some mamas get a little misty eyed and emotional when it comes to first birthdays, but I don’t happen to be one of them. For me, first birthdays signify a reason for celebration. The fact that you are leaving behind your blobby (albeit adorable) baby days and entering a fun new stage of life, where you will soon be walking and talking and becoming your own unique little person makes my heart so happy. I love seeing the boy you are already becoming. You are the happiest kid – so full of joy that it just bubbles up and overflows out of you – and it is contagious to everyone in our family.

I remember in the months leading up to your birth, worrying and wondering if I would have enough room in my heart for you, but you barged your way right in and made a space for yourself…rather like your birth in many ways. It’s funny how one’s birth can fit one’s personality so well. Your birth was nothing like I had anticipated and it turned my expectations right on their head. It was longer and more difficult than I had imagined (hello not-so-little giant baby!), but when you finally arrived you were so sweet; quiet and calm and you slept like a dream that first night. It definitely fits your little character. You are nothing like I expected, with your shock of blonde hair, your disdain for all of my baby soothing tricks, your love for being held always and your unabashed adoration for all things mischievous. But, once I got past all those expectations I realized that you are exactly the most perfect boy for me and for our family. It’s like God knew what he was doing or something :). I love that you are so different from me – I can already tell that you are going to teach me and grow me a lot.

I can hardly believe that it’s been a year already. You’ll soon learn that all parents say “it flies by so fast”, but you probably won’t understand until you become a parent yourself one day. I am so thankful that you became part of our family. There was definitely something missing before you came along and you have made our lives so full with your all-day smiles and joyful countenance. Your baby chuckles are the best thing in the entire world and I’ll admit…I’ll probably be a little sad when they turn into big boy chuckles.

Your month-by-month photos. Sorry about the missing 11 month photo. It got away from me and a few days before your birthday, I thought about snapping an 11 month-er just so there wouldn’t be an empty space, but then I decided that I kind of love that it’s missing, because it’s a more accurate portrayal of what real life looked like as I navigated a whole new world of finding balance with two children. I hope you won’t hold it against me and talk about this in therapy one day. Please don’t assume that your sister’s elaborately styled monthly photo shoots are an indicator that I loved her more than you. I swear I love you just as much, but you know…clearly I had a lot more free time when I had one less baby and an extra free hand. Also, you kind of hated having your photo taken, so I was really doing you a service. You’re welcome.

Happy Birthday Clive Clarke! // via The Little Things We Do

Here are a few things I would like to remember about you as a one-year-old babe…

* You love anything that’s not a toy and all things mischievous. You are always exploring and trying to figure out how things work and reminding us every day of all the things we have yet to baby-proof.

*You are a professional at open-mouth kissing with a side of extra slobber and it’s equal parts adorable and gross.

*You love birds and anytime you are outside and hear one you are

*Being held 24/7 is your jam, but you don’t really discriminate who you’ll let hold you and you don’t have separation anxiety. You just love people and don’t like being left alone. You prefer me to others, but you’ll happily lean into any outstretched open arms and have been known to do so with random people at the park and grocery checkout clerks.

*You do this hilarious little dance when music you like comes on. It looks a lot like Chris Farley in that “Matt Foley Motivational Speaker” sketch from SNL.

*Uptown Funk is your favorite song. You also like “For the First Time in Forever”, which I blame on your big sister’s Frozen obsession while you were in utero.

*You rarely stop moving. You are always on a mission.

*You adore your big sister and no one can make you laugh like she can.

*You are incredibly ticklish.

*You abhor baths and are skeptical of anything water-related. As such you get a bath once every week…sometimes less.

*You also don’t like being read to, because you have places to go and can’t be bothered to sit still for long enough.

*You are ridiculously cuddly and when you get tired especially you’ll come lay your sweet head right on the ones you love.

*Words you can say:

-ba (ball)



-daw (dog)

-mar (marley)

papa (grandpa)


G (G-Wagen)

baba (blueberry and banana)

-twee-twee (tweet tweet/bird)


Even though babyhood isn’t my favorite part of motherhood, I still wish I could bottle this time and save it up for when you are grown and too cool to hang out with me. Hopefully you’ll still like me as a grown up, but for now thanks for making me feel really good about myself with how thrilled you get every time you see me. You are my best boy and I am so thankful that God chose me to be your mama.

I love you to the moon.




P.S. Here’s a little video from your first birthday cake experience. All you really cared about was the fire and barely even ate the cake. Go figure.


  1. I love him. Happy Birthday Clive. Love Auntie, C.

  2. Happy 1st Birthday sweet boy…

  3. Great letter to your son. And I like how you missed 11 months because it shows you’re a real mom, and you’re busy and at times you forget.

    Happy birthday Clive!

  4. What a cute post! I love when people take a photo each month consistently and then patch them together like you did; it’s so adorable to see their growth in one glance.

  5. Just found your blog by Googling about diaper bags (found your diaper bag that doesn’t suck post). This is so sweet! I just had my daughter two months ago. Although I like baby days, I am also in the camp of loving watching her grow and can’t wait for her to keep developing. It’s so fun!

  6. Where did you get your sheepskin (faux skin?) blanket?

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