life unstaged.

I don’t have the prettiest Instagram feed in all the land. But, I generally stick to posting photos that are in pretty light and that have at least some element of composition to them. My photos are usually semi-staged, since I figure no one wants to see 20 pictures of Fern crawling away from me […]

all the single babies.

Sometimes when it’s just you and your baby at home you find ways to stay entertained. Like dancing to single ladies (or “all the single babies”…yep I went there) while you’re baby is dressed in a Beyonce-esque unitard (AKA a black onesie). The similarities are uncanny, no? It’s the little things people. xo Lauren

my day in photos.

Here is what my day looked like in photos yesterday…. What did you do today? xo Lauren

a day in the life.

I was inspired by this post over at Bleubird Vintage where James took a photo or two every hour throughout the day.  So I decided to try it myself.  So here is what a day in the the life of Lauren looks like…. Cheerios for breakfast. Doing my chores for the day –  Tuesday’s are my […]