styled snap shots.

Today I styled a photo shootand took a few snap shots in between….A little vignette we didn’t use, but I still liked it Our model Alex and photographer Lisa Warninger’s little dog Hani. My mom was babysitting and she brought Fern by  for a nursing session and a little visit. …and we had a little […]

a bit of holiday styling and a 33 weeks pregnant photo.

Yesterday I styled a set for family photo shoots…. at The Ace Hotel.  The photos were taken by the lovely Lisa Warninger. BUT….these ones were from my iPhone.  Not nearly as good, but the set turned out so cute I just couldn’t resist :).  The goal was a Northwest themed set….something a little edgier than the […]

not your typical family portrait.

I love a good family portrait as much as the next person…. but I’m not gonna lie…a great many of them are just cheesy and plain awkward (a’la Awkward Family Photos).  So what’s a cool, hip family to do to avoid awkward photo disaster? Come get your photos taken at The Ace Hotel here in Portland […]

weekend whirlwind.

This weekend was maybe one of the busiest of my entire life. Here’s what I did…. FRIDAY *Went to a going away party and actually stayed out until 10:30!  That’s pretty late when you’re the only person not drinking at there’s karaoke involved.  I think I definitely earned a gold star for that.  Drinking ginger […]

sometimes less really is more.

If you know me at all you know that I am a “more is more” kind of girl. (I am a maximalist to my core). But sometimes less is more – especially when it comes to styling.   Such is the case with these photos that I styled for Ace Summer School a couple months ago. […]

summer school for grownups.

I never had to go to summer school and from what I hear I wasn’t exactly missing out. BUT…. If regular summer school had been as cool as Ace Summer School  I would’ve attended of my own volition. *Photography class taught by Lisa Warninger of Urban Weeds  *Flower class taught by Chelsea Fuss of {Frolic!} *Blogging […]