sometimes less really is more.

If you know me at all you know that I am a “more is more” kind of girl. (I am a maximalist to my core). But sometimes less is more – especially when it comes to styling.   Such is the case with these photos that I styled for Ace Summer School a couple months ago. […]

this weekend was kind of awesome.

This weekend was kind of awesome. Here’s why…. I ate delicious food.  Hung out with good friends. And hung out with Grace Bonney.  Yes.  That Grace Bonney (of Design*Sponge).  But, more on that later.  Let’s start from the beginning…. I had Friday off.Spent it yard-sale-ing with my mom and aunt.  Scored some good swag.  Yes.  I […]

summer school for grownups.

I never had to go to summer school and from what I hear I wasn’t exactly missing out. BUT…. If regular summer school had been as cool as Ace Summer School  I would’ve attended of my own volition. *Photography class taught by Lisa Warninger of Urban Weeds  *Flower class taught by Chelsea Fuss of {Frolic!} *Blogging […]