adventuring without a kid.

Those of you who are newer around here may not remember this, but in the pre-kid days we used to go off-roading a lot (see here, here, here and here to reminisce about those well-rested, care-free young kids we once were). Now that we have a kid? Well, we still have the off-road vehicles, but […]

husband and wife hangout time.

This weekend Craig and I had some simple, quality hangout time. This weekend for the first time in ages Craig took a real break from house projects and it was awesome. Usually he spends at least one of his weekend days working on the endless projects that are a part of owning a “fixer upper”. I […]

life lesson #5.

Long ago on this blog I started posting life lessons, but then forgot about them.But, today, as I learned a particularly important life lesson, I thought I’d bring it back… Today’s life lesson: Not everything is best purchased in bulk. See EXHIBIT A: I love buying things in bulk. Jumbo cases of toilet paper, 6-packs […]

adventuring with daddy.

This weekend Fern and I went adventuring with Craig. If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you may remember me talking about my husband’s love for G-Wagens and how owning one has sort of inducted us into this little club and we regular head out on G-Wagen off-roading excursions with the group (see: here, […]

the best laid plans.

Sometimes the best laid plans go astray. Like when you wake up planning to go to church on a Sunday morning and are greeted by a disastrous dog mess of epic proportions all over your living room carpet (apparently Marley had some gastrointestinal issues during the night that we failed to hear). We ended up […]

tired but finding time for fun.

Fern has officially decided not to sleep anymore. This is my tired face. And this is her guilty face. It’s been pretty intense lately with the lack of sleep, but we still managed to have some fun over the weekend…. FRIDAY: We had over our friend’s Bobby & Lindsey for dinner.  I made Crockpot Chicken […]