random things i like.

Here are some random things I like: This Kate Spade skirt {via The Neotraditionalist} This aviary poster by Alice Melvin {via Mint} This J.Crew Dress and the cute leopard cub! {via The Neotraditionalist} This little, personalized tree in Sweet Paul Magazine {via Poppytalk} These Ulla Johnson belts {via Where the Lovely Things Are} This Illustration […]

i heart pumpkins.

This weekend we went to the pumpkin patch. This is one of my most favorite traditions ever.  Craig and I have gone every year since we started dating, so I guess that would mean we’ve gone for the past….3.022…carry the 4….minus 15….. 8 years.  That’s a lot of pumpkins, no? I really pride myself on […]

pretty little things.

I need a break from wordiness. Here are some pretty things to look at instead. i wish i could dance. {via} i ♥ this color. {via} i ♥ portland. {via} random wildlife. {via} please come live in my jewelry box. {via} this is brilliant. {via} the tattoo i want. {via} dandelion seed close-up. {via} did […]

i want one!

{via} I want one of these little guys so bad! I think Marley does too. Still trying to convince Craig. So far I’ve been unsuccessful. He says a dog like this wouldn’t be able to climb in or out of our G-wagon. Hmmmmmm…… I told him we could build it a ramp. I got an […]