Sea Jay Shop: + A Giveaway

So, I have this friend named Alicia and she’s a pretty great artist. She has a cute shop on Etsy  called Sea Jay that you should totally check out. The Sea Jay shop is filled with custom stationary, prints, at-home PDF printables and Alicia even does custom orders! Each piece in the shop is schemed up […]

on awesome art and the pinterest wormhole.

If you’ve spent any amount of time at all on Pinterest, you know what a vast wormhole of “stuff it can be. You go on there to find a chicken recipe and then you find one and notice that the plate it’s served on is really cute, so then you start looking at tableware. When […]

coloring book for grownups.

I’ve always loved coloring books. Even as an adult I still like to sit down and color with my preschoolers. And now I have a good excuse to color as a grownup… (even when there are no kids around). It’s fill in the blank fashion.  Lovely little illustrations for you to finish.  Basically…. You + […]

things i’m loving today.

Today I am loving…. A man and his dog Record sleeve bunting   Jeffrey Campbell boots A little tent to put over our little one’s floor bed Limoncello Art journaling Kate Spade Earrings Cintia Dicker’s freckles {I can’t find the original source for this – help!!} This awesome American Apparel ad Directed by Tony Kelly […]

getting a jump start on her nursery.

This week is really busy. We’ve got something going on each and every night this week. BUT…. despite the busy-ness I did manage to get a bit of art for baby’s nursery framed today during a break from house cleaning.  I’m thinking this will be the color scheme:  shades of greys and greens with pops […]

favorite pins.

I had a relaxing weekend. So relaxing in fact that I decided to extend my weekend and take Monday off from blogging.  It was Memorial Day after all!  This weekend I did some street style scouting for Urban Weeds, some eating with friends and an inordinate amount of pinning on Pinterest.  If you’ve been living […]