weekly highlights: 7.19.13.

Here are a few of the highlights from this week my friends… Photos of Fern with farm animals…and even a little doe! Seriously. So much cuteness. I have more to post from my “real camera” once I actually upload them, but for now you can see some of them over at Disney Baby. Getting to […]

life’s a beach.

We’re having a blast in sunny California! (My dad wants everyone to know that he took this photo…he was pretty proud of his capture.) Just wanted to pop by and say hello. And here are a few posts to what I’ve been working on over at Babble and Disney Baby!   >> The Sweetest Adoption […]

wish you were here: 5.17.13.

Happy Friday friends! So, since there haven’t been may link ups on this feature, I think I’m just going to keep sharing things I’ve loved throughout the week here in these posts, but sans linky. Deal? Let me know if you are horribly opposed to this idea, but I’m assuming you won’t all die of […]

wish you were here: 4.19.13.

I’ve been blogging less here over the past couple of months and it’s not because I don’t like you guys. It’s because mama’s been hustling over at Disney and Babble blogging my little heart out. I still love you guys a ton and am actually working on getting other bloggers to join me for a […]

hi. i’m not dead.

Hi. I haven’t blogged all week, but I swear I’m not dead. Just terribly neglectful. It’s a good thing this blog isn’t a baby or it would likely be malnourished by now. #bloggerfail. Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow to share my favorite photos from last week’s #thelittlethingswedo weekly photo challenge (read about it here if […]

sick sick sick.

Just wanted to pop in to say hello. Fern is sleeping right now, but has been feeling under the weather today. We actually had a scary morning…Woke up to her loud, wheezing cough on the baby monitor and rushed into her room thinking she was choking. It sounded super scary and by the time I […]