hi. i’m not dead.

Hi. I haven’t blogged all week, but I swear I’m not dead. Just terribly neglectful. It’s a good thing this blog isn’t a baby or it would likely be malnourished by now. #bloggerfail. Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow to share my favorite photos from last week’s #thelittlethingswedo weekly photo challenge (read about it here if […]

out and about on the interwebs.

I always forget to share what I’m working on over at Babble and Disney these days, so I thought I’d update you real-quick-like in case you want to check it out. Basically you’ll just be in for a whole lot of Fern cuteness, a bit of snark and some real cute DIY inspiration…so if you […]

killing time til christmas.

If you are one of those people who is super prepared…and had all of their Christmas shopping done in November and already has everything wrapped and sitting pretty under the tree, then I would like to say two things: 1. I am super jealous of you. I am currently finishing up all the last minute […]

sick sick sick.

Just wanted to pop in to say hello. Fern is sleeping right now, but has been feeling under the weather today. We actually had a scary morning…Woke up to her loud, wheezing cough on the baby monitor and rushed into her room thinking she was choking. It sounded super scary and by the time I […]

lions and tigers and bears…and babies!

This weekend we went to the zoo. It was pretty excited because it was Fern’s first zoo trip. It was also ridiculously cute. I shared all the photos at Babble today, so if you like cute babies and cute animals, you should probably head over and have a look :). Hope you all had a […]

a bit of this. a bit of that.

Just wanted to share a few of my favorite posts this week… the ones I think you lovely readers might enjoy. A video in which Jay-Z gets Fern to stop crying. Adorable, little, lumberjack inspired baby clothing. The story of how Fern Winter Got Her Name. Photos from a hilarious Instagram photo challenge I hosted, […]