los pollitos.

OK. First of all…that giveaway I talked about on Tuesday? I’m postponing it until next week, because I had to get a few more details ironed out first, but I didn’t forget about it – swear! Secondly…I realized that I forgot to tell you guys that we became farmers! OK. Not for reals farmers, but […]

styled snap shots.

Today I styled a photo shootand took a few snap shots in between….A little vignette we didn’t use, but I still liked it Our model Alex and photographer Lisa Warninger’s little dog Hani. My mom was babysitting and she brought Fern by  for a nursing session and a little visit. …and we had a little […]

ridiculous app.

This weekend I discovered  the most ridiculous app of all time: Cat Paint. Yep. It’s exactly what it sounds like. I think I’ve pretty much exhausted the fun potential already though. Unfortunately there are only so many ways to pose your baby with a cat. But, it was fun while it lasted. Fun AND hilarious. […]