what fern wore #18.

This is what Fern wore on a summer afternoon out and about… …and I only got one photo of it, because when you have a constantly moving toddler you get really good at waiting for the perfect moment and then you snap your shot and if it’s not blurry you feel like you just won […]

what fern wore #17.

This is what Fern wore on a Friday visit to Grandma’s house… shirt: Old Navy sweater: H&M (boy’s) leggings: American Apparel shoes: Converse headband: made by a friend I always make sure to send Fern to her Grandma’s house in comfortable fuss free clothes that she can play comfortably in and get messy, because that’s […]

what fern wore #15.

This is what Fern wore for a play date with my friends Becca and Kira and their littles (Bennett, Buckley and Pearl). I ordered this dress for her to wear on her birthday and she hasn’t worn it since. I guess it just felt a little on the fancy side for kicking around at home […]

what fern wore #12

Fern got her first pair of Chuck Taylors and I couldn’t resist breaking out mine too. It started with just the shoes and then I got a bit carried away and coordinated our entire ensemble. Yeah…I’m “that mom”…you know…the one who matches her kid. Simultaneously awkward and awesome.   On Fern: sweater: Stella McCartney for […]

what fern wore #10.

This is what Fern wore on her first birthday… Yellow Dress (3T shirt worn as a dress): Zara White Slip Dress (3T shirt worn as a dress): hand-me-down from a friend Cardigan: Target Tights: H&M Boots: Zara I think this is probably my most favorite Fern outfit to date. I’m pretty sure I want to […]

DIY baby scarf + what fern wore #7.

This outfit was inspired by the main accessory: a DIY baby scarf. Bear in mind that I use the term “DIY” quite loosely. This is the easiest “DIY” of all time. Here’s what you do. Step 1: Drive yourself to a fabric store. Step 2: Purchase pre-looped stretch jersey fabric (the fabric comes in a […]