what fern wore #13.

Here’s what Fern wore for a typical day running errands…(*Please ignore any unfinished molding and baseboards…I would typically weed out photos with crap background like that, but these days I’m just happy with any photo where Fern stops moving for two seconds and that isn’t completely blurry. Actually…I even included a couple blurry ones, because […]

what fern wore #10.

This is what Fern wore on her first birthday… Yellow Dress (3T shirt worn as a dress): Zara White Slip Dress (3T shirt worn as a dress): hand-me-down from a friend Cardigan: Target Tights: H&M Boots: Zara I think this is probably my most favorite Fern outfit to date. I’m pretty sure I want to […]

what fern wore #8.

This is what Fern wore to see Santa… Getting ready…these tights are too big, but they’re so darn cute! She was totally enamored with Santa’s beard and gave it a good tug. It was hard getting her to look at the camera with the distraction of that fluffy white beard. Cousin Harlow just kept checking […]

what fern wore #6 and thanksgiving.

Our first family Thanksgiving was a great success. Delicious food was eaten and fun times were had by all and I’m pretty sure Fern wants to eat Thanksgiving dinner every day of the week now. All the foods are perfect for babies: yams, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce – all soft! Fern ad seconds and thirds. […]

what fern wore #5.

When Fern was teeny tiny I used to do baby style posts… and then for some reason I stopped. But, I’m starting them back up again, because I love playing dress-up with her and I get a lot of questions about her wardrobe, so I figured why not share?! Here is what Fern wore to […]

a bit of this. a bit of that.

Just wanted to share a few of my favorite posts this week… the ones I think you lovely readers might enjoy. A video in which Jay-Z gets Fern to stop crying. Adorable, little, lumberjack inspired baby clothing. The story of how Fern Winter Got Her Name. Photos from a hilarious Instagram photo challenge I hosted, […]