a little swimsuit surgery + disneyland + a little spring reading.

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been so scarce around here, but I’ve been CRAZY busy. This past week Fern was sick and then over the weekend I helped give styling tips at a blogger meet-up and since then I’ve been packing and prepping for our trip to L.A. this week as well as scheduling out a […]

DIY baby scarf + what fern wore #7.

This outfit was inspired by the main accessory: a DIY baby scarf. Bear in mind that I use the term “DIY” quite loosely. This is the easiest “DIY” of all time. Here’s what you do. Step 1: Drive yourself to a fabric store. Step 2: Purchase pre-looped stretch jersey fabric (the fabric comes in a […]

what fern wore #5.

When Fern was teeny tiny I used to do baby style posts… and then for some reason I stopped. But, I’m starting them back up again, because I love playing dress-up with her and I get a lot of questions about her wardrobe, so I figured why not share?! Here is what Fern wore to […]

diy headband for babies or grownups.

It’s really difficult to find cute headbands for babies. Most of them have these monstrous flowers the size of your babies face and they’re just a bit too intense for my liking.  Even the simple headbands usually only come in rainbow colors – finding a neutral headband is like finding a twinkie during a zombie […]

30 second diy.

Today I blogged a super quick DIY over at Babble for this cute little headband I made for Fern. Check it out here! xo Lauren