what fern wore: getting in touch with her roots.

Little factoid about me: I am half Mexican. My husband always teases me that I’m the whitest Mexican he knows. Also, I don’t speak Spanish. I know…cultural #fail. But I digress. My point was, that me being half Mexican means that Fern is 1/4 Mexican…and even whiter version than me. But, last week while we […]

what fern wore: ‘merica.

This is what Fern wore to her first 4th of July parade in our neighborhood. We missed it last year, so I was looking forward to joining in this year. It was super cute seeing all the kids in their red, white and blue garb with decorated bikes and wagons…made me excited to see Fern […]

what fern wore: make it work.

Sometimes you love an article of clothing so much, but it’s just not quite right.  Such was the case with this adorable throwback Bobo Choses romper that our friend Danni had passed onto us before Fern was even born. It was love at first site and I couldn’t wait for the day when I would have […]

what fern wore: fawn shoppe.

Basically I am in love with this adorable outfit that Kristin, owner of the online boutique Fawn Shoppe sent to Fern. Each piece in this ensemble may look to be a sweet and simple basic at a glance, but up close the details are what make the look special. The little pockets on the cardigan, the […]

what fern wore: #19.

This is kind of like a “What Fern Wore” post, except Fern isn’t actually in the clothes yet. We’re away at the “happiest place on earth” (or maybe the second happiest after Disneyland…I’ll let you know my opinion once we get back!), but I thought I’d pop in to show you what Fern will be […]

what fern wore #18.

This is what Fern wore on a summer afternoon out and about… …and I only got one photo of it, because when you have a constantly moving toddler you get really good at waiting for the perfect moment and then you snap your shot and if it’s not blurry you feel like you just won […]