i’m back + a disneyland recap.

Hey guys! I’m back!Fern and I had so much fun visiting California and especially at Disneyland. To be honest, I thought it was going to be kind of a waste of time/money to take her there, but it was seriously so perfect. Seeing Disneyland through the eyes of a little one is completely magical…even if […]

what fern wore #8.

This is what Fern wore to see Santa… Getting ready…these tights are too big, but they’re so darn cute! She was totally enamored with Santa’s beard and gave it a good tug. It was hard getting her to look at the camera with the distraction of that fluffy white beard. Cousin Harlow just kept checking […]

my little baby elephant.

…In case you didn’t see my post over at Babble… This is what Fern is going to be for Halloween today. > The belly is padded and squishy and adorable and I can hardly stand the cuteness! This will be Fern’s first Halloween, so it’s probably time that she realizes that Halloween in Oregon kinda […]

my little fish.

Last week Fern had her first swimming experience and she kind of (super) loved it. Fern’s cute neon swimsuit just kills me. As does her smiley face.  A picnic lunch was involved. (Rainier cherries are my favorite!) ….as was a slush puppie from the snack shack. Our friend Kristina came too. There was a lake […]

adventuring with daddy.

This weekend Fern and I went adventuring with Craig. If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you may remember me talking about my husband’s love for G-Wagens and how owning one has sort of inducted us into this little club and we regular head out on G-Wagen off-roading excursions with the group (see: here, […]

double bubble.

One of the best things about having a baby is… Watching all of their “firsts”.This week Fern experienced two firsts: 1)  She laughed for the first time. (You can watch the video here) 2)  She enjoyed her first bubble experience and you can see that experience below.  It was a pretty sneezy event. I’m not […]