i hope we have a little fighter.

I found this quote from Charlotte’s Web the other day: If you can’t read it, it says: “…Fern was up at daylight trying to rid the world of injustice.” I rather like this. I hope that our little Fern is a fighter – trying to rid the world of injustice.  I hope she stands up […]

adventures in weekending.

This weekend I…. Ate Five Guys with these guys. Learned way more about boobs than I ever thought was possible. I went to a lactation class and yes…there was a fake boob like this one used to demonstrate…But it still didn’t stop the hippy dippy instructor from referring to her own.  Often.  Awkward.  But…I am […]

more baby shower photos and a giveaway!

Before I commence with the shower photos I must recommend that you go enter the giveaway I’m hosting over at Babble…EVEN IF YOU AREN’T PREGNANT!It’s for a baby mobile, but it’s seriously the coolest mobile ever and it would look awesome as home decor…babies or not.  I got one for Fern’s nursery and I totally […]

a baby shower for baby fern.

This past weekend my lovely friends  (left to right: Jamie, Ashley, Lindsey & Becca) hosted a baby shower for me…. And it was pretty much perfect.I have great friends. Go check out some photos over at Babble!I’ll post more here tomorrow for documenting purposes :). xo Lauren

letting the baby name out of the bag.

After much (OK…really just a little) deliberation…. I have decided to reveal the baby name that we’ve chosen for our little girl. I wasn’t trying to be super secretive about it or anything – our friends and family all know what her name will be, but I just wasn’t planning on letting the cat out […]

the dude abides.

This weekend I got this adorable little sweater for our baby girl at a consignment sale. A big part of the draw was that it reminded me of Jeff Bridges sweater in The Big Lebowski. Similar, no? I think we might have to call her “The Dude” or at least “Little Lebowski” when she wears […]