what fern wore #18.

This is what Fern wore on a summer afternoon out and about… …and I only got one photo of it, because when you have a constantly moving toddler you get really good at waiting for the perfect moment and then you snap your shot and if it’s not blurry you feel like you just won […]

what fern wore #11.

Here’s what Fern wore for a play date with her friends Poppy and Alomae… (side note: it’s really hard to get a non-blurry photo of a baby on the move!) cardigan: Old Navy top (worn as dress): Old Navy skirt (underneath): Target tights: Zara Socks: Old Navy Boots: Zara Ummm….apparently Old Navy should just sponsor […]

what fern wore #8.

This is what Fern wore to see Santa… Getting ready…these tights are too big, but they’re so darn cute! She was totally enamored with Santa’s beard and gave it a good tug. It was hard getting her to look at the camera with the distraction of that fluffy white beard. Cousin Harlow just kept checking […]

what fern wore #6 and thanksgiving.

Our first family Thanksgiving was a great success. Delicious food was eaten and fun times were had by all and I’m pretty sure Fern wants to eat Thanksgiving dinner every day of the week now. All the foods are perfect for babies: yams, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce – all soft! Fern ad seconds and thirds. […]