what fern wore: getting in touch with her roots.

Little factoid about me: I am half Mexican. My husband always teases me that I’m the whitest Mexican he knows. Also, I don’t speak Spanish. I know…cultural #fail. But I digress. My point was, that me being half Mexican means that Fern is 1/4 Mexican…and even whiter version than me. But, last week while we […]

what fern wore: fawn shoppe.

Basically I am in love with this adorable outfit that Kristin, owner of the online boutique Fawn Shoppe sent to Fern. Each piece in this ensemble may look to be a sweet and simple basic at a glance, but up close the details are what make the look special. The little pockets on the cardigan, the […]

what fern wore #12

Fern got her first pair of Chuck Taylors and I couldn’t resist breaking out mine too. It started with just the shoes and then I got a bit carried away and coordinated our entire ensemble. Yeah…I’m “that mom”…you know…the one who matches her kid. Simultaneously awkward and awesome.   On Fern: sweater: Stella McCartney for […]

what fern wore #11.

Here’s what Fern wore for a play date with her friends Poppy and Alomae… (side note: it’s really hard to get a non-blurry photo of a baby on the move!) cardigan: Old Navy top (worn as dress): Old Navy skirt (underneath): Target tights: Zara Socks: Old Navy Boots: Zara Ummm….apparently Old Navy should just sponsor […]

what fern wore #5.

When Fern was teeny tiny I used to do baby style posts… and then for some reason I stopped. But, I’m starting them back up again, because I love playing dress-up with her and I get a lot of questions about her wardrobe, so I figured why not share?! Here is what Fern wore to […]

getting more bang for your baby fashion buck.

Dressing Fern is one of my favorite things. Even though dressing myself isn’t always the most fun these days with my post-baby body, dressing a cute baby girl is always fun. But, just because I like to dress Fern in cute things doesn’t mean I like to spend a ton of money on her wardrobe. […]