real mama life: a girl and her daddy.

I’m participating in this week’s Real Mama Life with Le Petit Reve sharing a little snippet of real life with littles. If you want to join in, go check it out!This weekend we went to the beach. While we were there, Fern proved yet again that she really is part fish. She couldn’t resist the […]

wishing i looked this cute at the beach.

I look nothing like this when I’m at the beach. ….But I really wish I did. This is a photo from a photo shoot for {Frolic!} taken by the lovely Lisa Warninger.  I got to team up with Chelsea on the wardrobe styling, which is always fun :).  Head over to {Frolic!} and check out more pictures! [Photos: Lisa […]


This weekend I was unplugged from technology and it was lovely. I’ll blog about my weekend at the beach tomorrow, but for now I’ll leave you with this completely appropriate photo of what the Oregon Coast is like in June (and also pretty much always)…. Yep.  Rain boots and jeans on the beach Oh Oregon! […]

an unconventional christmas eve.

This year for Christmas Eve (day) we decided to do something a little unconventional. We went to the beach! An odd way to spend Christmas Eve, no? Well….our good friends John and Dana are moving back to Kansas for school (we’re super sad about this….like SUPER sad) and since they’re going to be land-locked for quite awhile, we […]

busiest weekend ever.

Last weekend was super busy…but in a good way.  This is why I’m just getting to blogging about it on Wednesday.  Ooops.  Oh…and I just wanted to make a little side note, but I wanted to say that I don’t blog about my weekends to be show-off-y or all “look what I did!”.  I blog […]

california blog friends trip: part 2.

This weekend at the G-Wagen meet up was SO much fun!  I want to blog all about it, but I wanted to finish up blogging about my California trip first, so I’m going to do that first.  So here goes…..After our first night together Brandi, Kassi, Danielle and I were like old friends. Day 1 […]