Life Lessons From My Daughter: Beautiful Imperfections

Life Lessons From My Daughter: Beautiful Imperfections // via The Little Things We Do

{Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Aveeno through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Aveeno all opinions are my own.} When it comes to seasons, I’m not gonna lie…summer isn’t really my favorite. Of course I love the warm, sunny weather (especially as a Pacific Northwesterner – […]

Peace Out Tangles + Tears!

Peace Out Tangles + Tears! // @ The Little Things We Do

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by SoCozy, but as always thoughts and opinions are my own. If there is one thing we are definitely not lacking in around here it is tangles. My curly-haired girl has tangles for days. While I truly do love these curls that she gets so many compliments on, they can […]

SoCozy + Back-To-School Hairstyles for Kids

SoCozy + Back-To-School Hairdos for Kids // @ The Little Things We Do

My girl is the girliest of girls. Loves pink, frills, princesses, twirly dresses…you get the idea. One of her absolute favorite things is to primp her hair and “makeup” when I’m doing mine. Awhile ago bought her her own lip balm and a set of cheap makeup brushes to play with and she keeps them in […]

Curly Hair Tips For Little Girls + A Giveaway!

Curly Little Girlies // @ The Little Things We Do

I get a lot of questions about Fern’s hair and how I get it to curl the way it does. The short answer is: genetics. She just lucked out with some pretty adorable curls. That said, her curls definitely require a bit of taming and over time I’ve acquired a little arsenal of favorites for […]

Haircuts and The Happiest Place On Earth

Let the Magic Begin! // The Little Things We Do

Today is a pretty exciting day for two reasons: Reason #1: I’m getting my hot mess hair cut. I’ve put it off for far too long and it’s getting pretty sister wife up in here…it’s seriously almost to my butt when it’s wet. Not OK.  I’ve had long hair for years and pretty much haven’t […]

VIDEO: How To Use Your Clarisonic

So apparently I’m really into making videos lately, so I decided to make you guys a video of me washing my face, because obviously…titillating stuff here. But seriously, I actually did think it might be helpful, because when I got my Clarisonic Mia 2 a few months ago I was kind of clueless about how to […]