Did you see these photos I posted the other day?  {photos by Lisa Warninger} No? Well….that may be because you haven’t been following along with my blog posts over at Babble! These photos are just a few from Fern’s first photo shoot with Lisa Warninger  (see more here). Not sure if you remembered, but in […]

the incredible growing woman.

My belly has had quite the journey over the past 39 weeks. So I decided to do a little photo roundup of all of my belly shots I took throughout the course of my pregnancy. You can check them out over at Babble! And see all the photos from…. 12 weeks to…. 37 weeks and […]

music to have babies to.

DISCLAIMER: (The title of this post,“music to have babies to” should NOT be confused with “music to make babies to“.  These would make for two very different soundtracks.) Today over at Babble I posted my birthing playlist. Here’s the upbeat portion of the list…. Birth Mix: Upbeat by Lauren on Grooveshark Head on over to Babble to […]


So, I have a confession to make…. I kind of suck at being a blog friend these days. Ever since I started blogging for Babble, I feel like I just don’t have time to read all the blogs that I’d like to and when I do, I just don’t feel like typing anymore, so I […]

i wish this thursday was last thursday.

Today is Thursday. And I wish it were Thanksgiving again. So I could have the day off.  That would be lovely. Because I am tired. Instead…I’ll be running after preschoolers.  *Sigh*.  Here are some cozy places I would like to be napping though (instead of wiping up finger paint and boogers).  What I wouldn’t give […]

a bit of holiday styling and a 33 weeks pregnant photo.

Yesterday I styled a set for family photo shoots…. at The Ace Hotel.  The photos were taken by the lovely Lisa Warninger. BUT….these ones were from my iPhone.  Not nearly as good, but the set turned out so cute I just couldn’t resist :).  The goal was a Northwest themed set….something a little edgier than the […]