“The Year of the Emoji” (AKA Fern Winter’s 4th Birthday)

"The Year of the Emoji" (AKA Fern's 4th Birthday)

I am a complete and total sucker for birthday parties. Growing up, my mom always went above above and beyond to make sure that our birthdays were nothing short of magical for my brother and I. She wasn’t the craftiest or a natural hostess and she was never much of a baker, but she always […]

smoothies + surprises.

Fact of the day about me: I’m not into surprises. Well…I’m sort of into surprises if I have absolutely no inkling whatsoever that said surprise is going to be taking place, but if I have the option of finding out the surprise ahead of time? Sign me up. That’s what happened with this birthday present […]

quick and easy cinnamon buns.

This weekend, for the first time since I was pregnant… I baked. {cinnamon rolls}  The occasion was Craig’s birthday. {DIY card by Fern} The last time I baked was when I was 6 months pregnant and went through a freak nesting stage where I made like six batches of muffins in one week…then it passed. […]

birthday weekend fun.

I had a fantastic birthday weekend… in case you were wondering. It was spent having dinner at Lovely’s Fifty Fifty with Craig and our friends Jake & Casey (the ones of Olympic swimsuit infamy). My amazing pizza.  Then we went to Mint 820 for drinks and met up with more friends. (side note: You should […]

the big 2-8.

This Sunday I will be turning 28. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I am pretty sure that I have some lovely things on my wish list though… This little Fern ring.  These shoes.  This print. This mug. This necklace…I wish you could see the rest of it. It’s a cast of a […]

things i’m loving this week.

Things I’m loving this week…. Remixed Bob Dylan The cutest birthday party ever by 45 Wall Design – Beatles themed.  I’m kind of obsessed. Chelsea’s round up of great fall bags DIY wooden dolls The loveliest tattoo I’ve seen in quite some time. By Peter Aurisch Vintage LIFE magazine photo What are you loving this […]