super cute DIY.

I’ve blogged about her before, but…. Alison of The Alison Show is super awesome. She’s got a great sense of humor, awesome DIY’s and she’s just genuinely likable.  Like…someone you’d want to go get coffee with.  Anyway…I loved this last tutorial she posted on her blog and I thought you guys might like it too. […]

can i have a house full of little girls please?

Remember when I thought all I wanted  in the world was a little boy? Well, I would still be completely thrilled if we had a little boy,  but how fun would a house full of sisters be? Well, after discovering the blog Cakies I am convinced that a house full of girls  would be the most fun […]

blog that i heart.

Today I wanted to share a blog that I heart with you… The author of SheBlogs SheBlogs is Alison Faulkner and she’s so freaking crafty and awesome! Here are some of her posts that I particularly like…. (But, you should totally go peruse the archives, because there is much awesomeness to be found!) DIY Turkey […]