coloring book for grownups.

I’ve always loved coloring books. Even as an adult I still like to sit down and color with my preschoolers. And now I have a good excuse to color as a grownup… (even when there are no kids around). It’s fill in the blank fashion.  Lovely little illustrations for you to finish.  Basically…. You + […]

my favorite thing about today #59.

My favorite thing about today was…. That my mom bought me a children’s book. Just because. (She works at a public elementary school, so she’s got a thing for kid’s books too.) I loved Charlotte’s Web when I was a kid – and actually all E.B. White children’s books, so it was a sweet and […]

lovely little things.

Here are some lovely little things  for your day…. this pretty book spotted on Design Shimmer vintage matchbooks on A Collection A Day the pretty travel-esque styling in the January Anthropologie catalog my favorite new fashion blogger Jentine this fabulous shoot by You + Me Styling (photos by Kay English) this IKEA hack Martha Stewart […]

fashion a-z.

What a lovely little book. I received a Powell’s gift card for Christmas, and I think this just may be the gift I give myself with it :).  I’m positively enamored with it – and I especially love it’s lovely shade of pink – the perfect way to sneak a girly color into my decor […]

dreaming of….

Today I am dreaming of….This J. Crew gold skirt. These ridiculously perfect shoes. Oh to have $77 extra dollars lying around. Seriously.   I haven’t wanted anything so badly in quite some time. Actually being organized enough to send Christmas cards this year and then sending personalized ones like these. Having someone throw me a […]

must drink in portland.

If you are in Portland  you must come have a drink at Mint.   I was introduced to Mint by my friend Lisa and am now obsessed with their cocktails.  Well….when I say cocktails, I’m only talking about the two I’ve tried, but they were delicious.  One was called the “Freestyle” and the other was […]